Elm Cemetery Burial Records 1913 – 2013

Transcribed from the original Parish Records by Cllr R Pinnock 2017. E & OE

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Entry NoSurnameFirst  Name(s)AgeTrade/ ProfessionDate  of  DeathPlace  of  DeathBody  Brought  FromDate  of  BurialGrave  NumberSection
A1ShawJohn Baldock38Farm Labourer24 August 1913Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 August 1913B1Southern
A2BardellCyril21Postman12 December 1913Friday BridgeFriday Bridge16 December 1913C1Southern
A3SmithGriffin42Farm Labourer28 December 1913Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 January 1914B2Southern
A4DickinsonGeorge25Blacksmith02 June 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 June 1914B3Southern
A5FisherArthur22 hours02 June 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 June 1914E1Northern
A6BrownAnn9001 December 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 December 1914B4Southern
A7HensbyFrederick69Roadman02 December 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 December 1914B5Southern
A8BardellEileen Mary12 hours22 December 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 December 1914E2Northern
A9ShawEdith1225 December 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge30 December 1914B6Southern
A10ThorpeEliza8808 January 191548 Low Road Wisbech48 Low Road Wisbech10 February 1915B7Southern
A11GeorgeEva15 mins08 April 1915Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 April 1915E3Northern
A12GeorgeEllen12 hours09 April 1915Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 April 1915E3Northern
A13OxboroughLesley Frederick3 days15 May 1915ElmElm18 May 1915E4Northern
A14ReaderMary Ann6830 May 1915Low Road  ElmLow Road  Elm03 June 1915B8Southern
A15CallonThomas F C33Innkeeper20 June 1915Friday BridgeFriday Bridge25 June 1915B9Southern
A16BaceLizzie4905 July 1915Parson DroveWorkhouse Wisbech08 July 1915C2Southern
A17ClarkEdith Amelia2216 July 1915Meadowgate Lane ElmElm19 July 1915C4Southern
A18GutteridgeWilliam82Blacksmith16 July 1915Friday BridgeFriday Bridge19 July 1915C3Southern
A19StokesWilliam62Fruit Grower23 July 1915EmnethEmneth28 July 1915A1Southern
A20MundayMary7704 August 1915High Road  ElmHigh Road  Elm09 August 1915C5Southern
A21BiggsAlbert13 days06 August 1915Friday BridgeFriday Bridge09 August 1915E5Northern
A22HorsepoolThomas62Agricult. Labourer07 October 1915Chapel Road  ElmChapel Road  Elm12 October 1915C6Southern
A23MundayWilliam81Army Pensioner17 November 1915Chapel Lane  ElmChapel Lane  Elm22 November 1915C5Southern
A24HallMary Jane5601 January 1916Belt Drove Friday BrBelt Drove Friday Br05 January 1916D1Southern
A25MaycockJohn75Labourer28 January 1916Friday BridgeFriday Bridge31 January 1916C7Southern
A26BrownHerbert Charles C7 mths01 March 1916Bottom Laddus FBBottom Laddus FB06 March 1916E6Northern
A27PrattJohn Robert28Horseman17 April 1916Friday BridgeFriday Bridge22 April 1916A2Southern
A28LilleyArthur25Labourer25 May 1916Lilypool Cot. FBLilypool Cot. FB27 May 1916C8Southern
A29BentleyThomas5 hours27 May 1916Friday BridgeFriday Bridge29 May 1916E7Northern
A30ColeJohn8225 May 1916Workhouse WisbechFriday Bridge29 May 1916C9Southern
A31PearceWalter2531 May 1916Elm – Friday Bridge RdElm04 June 1916B11Southern
A32ColeSarah6217 July 1916ColdhamColdham22 July 1916B10Southern
A33DaySidney504 August 1916Waldersea Sidings FBFriday Bridge08 August 1916D2Southern
A34WesternEdith Mary2112 August 1916Friday BridgeFriday Bridge15 August 1916B12Southern
A35UnknownMaleabout 6501 July 1916Friday BridgeFriday Bridge16 August 1916C10Southern
A36BumfreyLily Maud1415 October 1916ElmElm18 October 1916B13Southern
A37MaycockMargaret7711 December 1916Harlesden LondonHarlesden London13 December 1916C11Southern
A38CarterJohn8408 January 1917Workhouse WisbechWisbech11 January 1917C13Southern
A39GoodmanGeorge46Labourer09 January 1917Strathmore Cot. ElmElm13 January 1917C15Southern
A40WilsonMary2701 February 191799 Quentin Rd Leeds?Leeds ?05 February 1917B14Southern
A41WilsonVera Murial8 days01 February 191799 Quentin Rd Leeds?Leeds ?03 February 1917B14Southern
A42WesternLancelot Abraham11 mths14 March 1917Friday BridgeFriday Bridge18 March 1917D3Southern
A43WilsonMary Ann5531 March 1917Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 April 1917B16Southern
A44MarshallFrances8709 May 191710 Elm Low Road Wisbech10 Elm Low Road Wisbech10 May 1917C12Southern
A45BentonAlice8 mnths21 June 1917Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 June 1917E9Northern
A46KilduffJames701 August 1917Workhouse WisbechWorkhouse Wisbech06 August 1917D4Southern
A47MundayJohn8127 October 1917ElmElm31 October 1917C14Southern
A48WesternHenry7126 December 1917Friday BridgeFriday Bridge31 December 1917B20Southern
A49RaceyOlive Maud3513 February 1918Elm High RoadElm High Road18 February 1918C16Southern
A50PrattCharles61Smallholder03 April 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge08 April 1918A3Southern
A51MarshamAlfred4605 May 1918Rose Cottage ElmElm10 May 1918B19Southern
A52WardReader Ward7119 May 1918EmnethEmneth22 May 1918C17Southern
A53JeffersonSylvia Marjorie207 June 1918Begdale ElmBegdale Elm10 June 1918D5Southern
A54HousdenThomas William2 mnths21 June 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge24 June 1918D6Southern
A55CaswellEarnest Walter3 mnths03 August 1918Molls Drove FBFriday Bridge07 August 1918E11Northern
A56KisbyJames73Labourer06 September 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 September 1918B2Northern
A57RoseberryLewis Verdon14 mnths26 October 1918Muncey’s Lane ElmElm30 October 1918D7Southern
A58HornseyGeorgina3110 November 1918ElmElm14 November 1918A4Southern
A59SmitheeJohn7213 November 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge16 November 1918B3Northern
A60HousdenLeslie Bernard22 mnths20 November 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge25 November 1918D8Southern
A61HorsepoolJohn Thomas3427 November 1918Boatmere GedneyBoatmere Gedney03 December 1918B18Southern
A62SmithHonor7315 December 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge20 December 1918B4Northern
A63AblettHannah6723 December 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge27 December 1918B6Northern
A64WallisEmma Maria6606 January 1919Laddus Drove FBLaddus Drove FB09 January 1919B7Northern
A65SmithCharlotte3728 January 1919ElmElm01 February 1919A16Southern
A66CundyWalter Cyril6 mnths15 April 1919Friday BridgeFriday Bridge19 April 1919D9Southern
A67WhiteViolet Edna1 mnth10 May 1919Chapel Lane EmnethChapel Lane Emneth13 May 1919D18Southern
A68StannardTom27Carpenter14 July 1919Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 July 1919A42Southern
A69LongMargaret Kathleen2 days25 August 1919Gosmoor Lane ElmGosmoor Lane Elm26 August 1919E16Northern
A70LongMabel mary13 days03 September 1919Gosmoor Lane ElmGosmoor Lane Elm05 September 1919E21Northern
A71LeetElizabeth7124 October 1919Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 October 1919B8Northern
A72LeetCharles7207 November 1919Friday BridgeFriday Bridge11 November 1919B8Northern
A73GiddensGeorge Thomas1329 November 1919Laddus Drove FBLaddus Drove FB02 December 1919D17Southern
A74ClowMaud1828 January 1920Colletts Bridge EmnethColletts Bridge Emneth02 February 1920A5Southern
A75LanghamJames4616 February 1920Marshland FenMarshland Fen20 February 1920B31Northern
A76MiddleditchJames7805 March 1920Elm High Road EmnethElm High Road Emneth09 March 1920B9Northern
A77WoolleyTom Henry33Horse Dealer31 March 1920ElmElm03 April 1920A21Southern
A78PalmerKathleen4 mnths17 April 1920Friday BridgeFriday Bridge21 April 1920D16Southern
A79ClowBernard228 April 1920Colletts Bridge EmnethColletts Bridge Emneth03 May 1920D15Southern
A80DrewMichael7815 June 1920ElmElm18 June 1920B10Northern
A81GutteridgeHerbert Charles C4522 July 1920Friday BridgeFriday Bridge27 July 1920A25Southern
A82SwainAgnes4822 July 1920Laddus Drove FBLaddus Drove FB26 July 1920B11Northern
A83CraneEli6815 August 1920Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 August 1920A46Southern
A84MiddleditchHarriett7929 November 1920Elm High Rd EmnethElm High Rd Emneth01 December 1920B33Northern
A85JacksonJohn Thomas3109 December 1920Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 December 1920B12Northern
A86BrittainJoseph4626 December 1920Frrday Bridge Rd ElmFrrday Bridge Rd Elm30 December 1920B13Northern
A87HockleyMary Ann8516 February 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge21 February 1921B14Northern
A88WennEdith May509 March 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge12 March 1921D14Southern
A89FlaggLewis Harold323 March 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 March 1921D13Southern
A90CornishPhyllis Ethel16 mnths31 March 1921ColdhamColdham02 April 1921D12Southern
A91ClowMary Ann7424 May 1921Colletts Bridge ElmColletts Bridge Elm27 May 1921A47Southern
A92ClowThomas8207 June 192131 Ramnoth Rd Walsoken31 Ramnoth Rd Walsoken10 June 1921A48Southern
A93ClarkeJohn5819 July 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 July 1921B15Northern
A94MeekRobert5821 July 1921White House Farm ColdhamWhite House Farm Coldham25 July 1921B16Northern
A95SmithWilliam6725 July 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 July 1921B5Northern
A96FlaggBartholomew4307 August 1921Rings EndRings End10 August 1921B17Northern
A97HutsonEmma Maria7309 August 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 August 1921B18Northern
A98JessupJimins ?6820 August 1921Elmdale Elm High RdElmdale Elm High Rd24 August 1921B19Northern
A99RaceyEdna7 days24 August 1921Chapel Lane ElmChapel Lane Elm26 August 1921E26Northern
A100BentonEliza301 September 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 September 1921D11Southern
A101BurtonChristopher82Fruit Grower10 September 1921ElmElm13 September 1921A7Southern
A102RawlingGertrude Maisie16 days21 September 1921Laddus Drove FBLaddus Drove FB23 September 1921E31Northern
A103HousdenGwendoline Edna2 mnths03 October 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 October 1921E36Northern
A104WennLewis Graham7 weeks27 October 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge31 October 1921E41Northern
A105StimsonJohn6303 November 1921Brockhurst ElmElm08 November 1921A30Southern
A106GeorgeJohn7015 November 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 November 1921B20Southern
A107HorsepoolElizabeth Jane6422 November 1921ElmElm26 November 1921A27Southern
A108PutterillEdwin Sutton1029 November 1921ElmElm03 December 1921D10Southern
A109HotsonLizzie?28 November 1921Addenbrookes HospCambridge03 December 1921A17Southern
A110TitmarshArthur4 hours12 December 1921ElmElm14 December 1921E46Northern
A111LawsPercy William1118 December 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge21 January 1922D27Southern
A112ClowGeorge James1827 February 1922EmnethEmneth01 March 1922B21Northern
A113GeorgeSarah7328 January 1922Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 March 1922B20Northern
A114BentleySarah Jane8325 May 1922ElmElm29/3/1922  ?B22Northern
A115HayesMmargaret5228 July 1922ColdhamColdham31 July 1922B23Northern
A116ClarkeEdward7503 September 1922Elm High Rd EmnethElm High Rd Emneth06 September 1922B24Northern
A117BatesHarry1123 November 192212b Lynn Rd Wisbech12b Lynn Rd Wisbech28 November 1922D26Southern
A118JacobLucretia Augusta6906 January 1923Coronation Cot. ElmCoronation Cot. Elm12 January 1923B25Northern
A119SmithElizabeth7015 February 1923Friday BridgeFriday Bridge20 February 1923A36Southern
A120BardellJohn72Grocer02 March 1923Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 March 1923A24Southern
A121HotsonHugh51Coal Merchant24 March 1923ElmElm28 March 1923A8Southern
A122PainLeslie2 days07 April 1923Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 April 1923E51Northern
A123RoperSarah Ann4615 June 1923EmnethEmneth20 June 1923A18Southern
A124PalmerLouis Henry31Motor Engineer25 June 192311 Corporation Rd Wisbech11 Corporation Rd Wisbech28 June 1923A29Southern
A125HacklingJack6 hours06 July 1923ElmElm06 July 1923??
A126CarterRobert86Roadman12 July 1923ElmElm15 July 1923B27Northern
A127BarnardArthur Ernest16 mnths23 November 1923Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 November 1923E56Northern
A128VallowSarah8822 November 192312 Lynn Rd WisbechWisbech27 November 1923A28Southern
A129GeorgeJames Henry3815 January 1924ElmElm19 January 1924B28Northern
A130BatesWilliam8219 January 1924Friday BridgeFriday Bridge24 January 1924A33Southern
A131SaundersBernard Roy305 February 1924Friday BridgeFriday Bridge08 February 1924D25Southern
A132PainAlexander William226 February 1924Friday BridgeFriday Bridge29 February 1924D24Southern
A133SooleyJoseph Martin6627 February 1924ElmElm03 March 1924A10Southern
A134NurseEllen Elizabeth5114 June 1924ElmElm18 June 1924A34Southern
A135BaldockJohn69Agricult. Labourer14 June 1924ColdhamColdham18 June 1924B15Southern
A136GarnerJames7530 July 1924Chapel Rd ElmChapel Rd Elm02 August 1924B29Northern
A137JacobJohn7014 August 1924Coronation Cot. ElmElm18 August 1924B26Northern
A138ValesWilliam8513 September 1924ElmElm16 September 1924A1Northern
A139DrewDorothy Olive11 mnths14 September 1924ElmElm17 September 1924E61Northern
A140BarnardGeorge H?908 November 1924North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech15 November 1924D23Southern
A141SaundersDonald728 November 1924Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 December 1924D22Southern
A142MatthewsEliza5418 December 1924ElmElm22 December 1924B34Northern
A143RoweRachel Agnes Hunter4618 December 1924Bird’s Corner EmnethEmneth23 December 1924A7Northern
A144TysonArthur Sydney21 mnths25 December 1924Friday BridgeFriday Bridge29 December 1924E66Northern
A145HotsonMargaret and Ethel1 day07 January 1925ElmElm08 January 1925E71Northern
A146HousdenJohn William4323 January 1925ElmElm26 January 1925B1Northern
A147Marcus?William7922 January 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge27 January 1925A25Northern
A148SooleyMary Ann Morton7209 March 1925EmnethEmneth13 March 1925A11Southern
A149PowleyPhilip6425 March 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge30 March 1925B35Northern
A150WilsonGeorge6707 April 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge11 April 1925B16Southern
A151SaundersEmily4130 May 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge03 June 1925A12Southern
A152WarnerRobert6922 September 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge24 September 1925B36Northern
A153LinfordWalter Jacob4004 October 1925Crescent Nursing Home WisbWisbech07 October 1925A17Northern
A154BrammersGwendoline Rose7 mnths03 October 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 October 1925E76Northern
A155ChemmeryJohn William7 mnths03 December 1925ElmElm05 December 1925E81Northern
A156GutteridgeHarriet?8802 December 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 December 1925C3Southern
A157SmithElizabeth Ann7105 December 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge09 December 1925B37Northern
A158StarbuckMary Ann8010 December 1925ElmElm14 December 1925B38Northern
A159HensbyMary Jane7305 January 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge09 January 1926B39Northern
A160BurmanCharles Stokes7613 January 1926ElmElm18 January 1926A21Northern
A161SmithHarry4126 January 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge30 January 1926B41Northern
A162DewieJohn Dennis15 days17 January 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge19 February 1926E12Northern
A163BatesJessie4823 March 1926North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech26 March 1926B32Northern
A164RutherfordNeilina5603 April 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 April 1926B30Northern
A165LoughtonThomas6319 April 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge22 April 1926A38Southern
A166CraneJohn8701 May 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 May 1926A15Southern
A167PillowElizabeth8920 May 1926ElmElm25 May 1926A26Northern
A168RobertsAda Elizabeth2622 July 1926ElmElm26 July 1926A22Southern
A169BrownMaria7029 July 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge02 August 1926A12Northern
A170LakeyWilliam6427 August 1926ElmElm31 August 1926B29Southern
A171DeweyMary30 mins11 October 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 October 1926E13Northern
A172FlaggWilliam6308 December 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge11 December 1926A40Southern
A173JohnsonMargaret Fanny6309 December 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 December 1926B42Northern
A174FosterHenry8709 December 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 December 1926A28Northern
A175RussellCharlotte7015 December 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge18 December 1926B38Southern
A176BurtonCaroline9114 January 1927ElmElm18 January 1927A7Southern
A177BeanAudrey3 weeks18 January 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge21 January 1927E14Northern
A178CraneMary Jane7225 February 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 March 1927A45Southern
A179VallonEdward8324 February 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 February 1927A13Southern
A180NichollsBarbara7128 February 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 March 1927B28Southern
A181BoothJoseph8210 March 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge15 March 1927A29Northern
A182WalkerMary6221 March 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge25 March 1927A18Northern
A183WhiteLeonard Roland Wm1 day04 April 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 April 1927E15Northern
A184ScottWilliam6604 May 1927ElmElm08 May 1927B47Southern
A185KempJames6423 May 1927North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech28 May 1927B37Southern
A186BatesHenry6929 June 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge02 July 1927A30Northern
A187CornwellMatilda Rebecca5805 July 1927North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech09 July 1927A4Northern
A188DayMary Elizabeth6813 August 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 August 1927B56Southern
A189HousdenViolet Mary3 mnths31 October 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 November 1927E17Northern
A190RoweEleanor Hunter1301 December 1927EmnethEmneth05 December 1927A7Northern
A191MacrowAgnes mary5623 December 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge27 December 1927A20Northern
A192SmitheeJohn1925 December 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 December 1927B46Southern
A193CookMurial Freda2102 January 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 January 1928A14Northern
A194FollenArthur27Chauffeur 09 January 1928Boston HospitalBoston13 January 1928A16Northern
A195HorleyJoan6 mnths17 January 1928ElmElm21 January 1928E18Northern
A196CallabyDoreen1 mnth13 March 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 March 1928E19Northern
A197RaceyThomas William8115 March 192818 Norfolk St WisbechWisbech20 March 1928A19Northern
A198StevensHerbert Edward S2404 April 1928ElmElm07 April 1928A3Northern
A199MiltonRowland Arthur15 mnths14 April 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 April 1928E20Northern
A200DayHenry Thomas72Agricult. Labourer28 May 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge31 May 1928B65Southern
A201DrewRobert203 June 1928North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech06 June 1928E22Northern
A202ChapmanOlive Mary2614 June 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge18 June 1928B55Southern
A203CarterHugh21Agricult. Labourer21 June 1928Wisbech St MaryWisbech St Mary25 June 1928B74Southern
A204SpaldingElizabeth Francis6107 October 1928171 Elm Rd WisbechWisbech10 October 1928B64Southern
A205JeffersonEmily6821 November 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 November 1928B83Southern
A206WhitePhoebe Ann5524 November 1928Chapel Lane ElmElm29 November 1928A19Southern
A207HuntJohn Thomas61Fruit Grower01 December 1928North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech06 December 1928B82Southern
A208StorySusannah3309 December 1928North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech13 December 1928B44Northern
A209ClowSarah5316 December 1928EmnethEmneth21 December 1928B45Northern
A210GiddensJames Walter825 December 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge29 December 1928D21Southern
A211StannardElizabeth Ann7128 December 1928Smeeth Rd Tilney-cum-IslingtonSmeeth Rd Tilney-cum-Islington02 January 1929A43Southern
A212BatesMary8721 February 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 February 1929A32Southern
A213StevensonBrenda May226 March 1929ElmElm30 March 1929D20Southern
A214HaylockGeorge Robert4522 March 1929Little Sutton Long SuttonLong Sutton26 March 1929B47Northern
A215BarnardEliza7504 April 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge08 April 1929B49Northern
A216DaySusan4131 July 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 August 1929B48Northern
A217HallEdna May35 mnths06 August 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 August 1929E23Northern
A218WardGeorge48Licensed Victualler/Small Holder07 December 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge11 December 1929B21Southern
A219BatesAnn8127 December 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge31 December 1929C19Southern
A220BentleySamuel Benjamin57Agricult. Labourer28 December 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 January 1930B50Northern
A221HaylockMary Ann7912 January 1930The Hythe MethwoldMethwold16 January 1930B51Northern
A222BardellAnn7731 January 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 February 1930A9Southern
A223ThorpeReginald8 mnths14 February 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 February 1930E24Northern
A224FosterAnn8309 March 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 March 1930A13Northern
A225TingayHarry6825 March 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 March 1930B52Northern
A226SmithLizzie5830 March 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge03 April 1930C21Southern
A227WatsonEleanor Atkinson7118 April 1930ElmElm22 April 1930B53Northern
A228MasonLouisa6218 April 1930ElmElm23 April 1930B54Northern
A229GeorgeWilliam4819 June 1930North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech24 June 1930A34Northern
A230LemmonMaurice William526 June 1930Addenbrookes HospCambridge30 June 1930D19Southern
A231WinkleyHenry8611 July 193012 Lynn Rd WisbechWisbech15 July 1930B55Northern
A232WarbyGeorge William6930 August 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge03 September 1930A36Northern
A233ChapmanEmma7120 November 1930Elm High Rd WisbechElm High Rd Wisbech24 November 1930A38Northern
A234MannJoseph7920 December 193012 Lynn Rd WisbechWisbech27 December 1930B56Northern
A235LongridgeNellie4512 February 1931Home Lodge Bayham AbbeyFriday Bridge16 February 1931B92Southern
A236RumbelowMary Jane5926 February 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge02 March 1931B57Northern
A237MillsJohn8602 March 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 March 1931B58Northern
A238BuckenhamHilda Mary5308 April 1931Friday Bridge Rd ElmElm13 April 1931B23Southern
A239HillsSarah Ann7513 June 1931Chapel Rd ElmElm17 June 1931C22Southern
A240SmitheeSarah Ann7328 June 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 July 1931B3Northern
A241SingletaryGeorge6812 July 1931Outwell IsleOutwell16 July 1931C23Southern
A242WardDonald3 weeks10 August 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 August 1931E25Northern
A243WardGeorge3 weeks10 August 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 August 1931E25Northern
A244BatesAnn Elizabeth6002 September 1931Fulbourne Mental InstitutionElm07 September 1931B59Northern
A245LynnElizabeth6405 September 1931Mond Villa ElmElm07 September 1931B24Southern
A246EdgeleyJean6 mnths09 September 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge12 September 1931E30Northern
A247BlanchflowerRobert70Police Officer (ret’d)17 September 1931Elm High Rd EmnethEmneth21 September 1931A11Northern
A248KirbyFrances8302 November 193112 Lynn Rd WisbechWisbech05 November 1931B2Northern
A249SmithNellie32Wife of Fred’k Smith09 November 1931Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm12 November 1931B30Southern
A250RuffEmma7612 December 1931Engine House Redmore WisbechRedmore Wisbech16 December 1931C24Southern
A251EdgeleyPeter3 hours29 December 1931Bridge Inn FBBridge Inn FB30 December 1931E27Northern
A252ScottJohn Christmas7930 January 193212 Lynn Rd Wisbech12 Lynn Rd Wisbech02 February 1932B25Southern
A253CraneTom57Fruit Grower17 February 1932Nursing Home 8 The Crescent WisbechFriday Bridge20 February 1932C27Southern
A254AblettJohn Walter75Fruit Grower11 March 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge15 March 1932B6Northern
A255RuffEdith12 hours26 March 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge29 March 1932E28Northern
A256Hunter-RoweJane7013 April 1932Wyberton BostonWyberton Boston18 April 1932C28Southern
A257GundlestoneJohn Walter65Fruit Grower13 March 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 March 1928B43Northern
A258CraneRebecca7119 April 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 April 1932C26Southern
A259SmithPeregrine80Small Holder30 May 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge03 June 1932A37Southern
A260WesternDinah8329 June 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge02 July 1932B20Southern
A261LakeyJessie6411 July 1932North Cambs Hosp WisbechElm15 July 1932B29Southern
A262RaceyErnest Hugh1802 August 1932March Riverside UpwellElm05 August 1932C29Southern
A263ChapmanSidney42Fruit Grower29 August 1932Fulbourne Mental InstitutionElm02 September 1932B31Southern
A264WilesAmelin8502 October 1932Bird’s Corner ElmElm06 October 1932B32Southern
A265AllenHugh811 October 1932ElmElm15 October 1932C30Southern
A266LittlemoreJohn9 hours02 November 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 November 1932E32Northern
A267SwainSamuel6709 November 1932Elm High Rd EmnethElm High Rd Emneth11 November 1932B60Northern
A268BlanchflowerArthur2 hours17 November 1932North Cambs Hosp WisbechElm19 November 1932E33Northern
A269BlanchflowerJohn3 hours17 November 1932North Cambs Hosp WisbechElm19 November 1932E33Northern
A270ClarkeSusannah6019 November 1932North Cambs Hosp Wisbech1 Artillery St Wisbech23 November 1932B24Northern
A271JeffersonHenry7231 January 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 February 1933B101Southern
A272MarshallFanny6201 February 1933Fulbourne Mental InstitutionFulbourne Mental Institution06 February 1933C31Southern
A273MarshallEmma Jane5806 February 1933Fulbourne Mental InstitutionFulbourne Mental Institution10 February 1933C32Southern
A274RuffThomas72Small Holder17 February 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge21 February 1933C33Southern
A275HaynesJames8223 February 1933Ring’s End WisbechRing’s End Wisbech28 February 1933B62Northern
A276BumfreyElizabeth Ann7020 March 1933ElmElm21 March 1933B22Southern
A277BoothSusannah9018 March 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge22 March 1933B63Northern
A278BardellFlorence Edith M4919 March 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 March 1933C45Southern
A279GoldingJane7922 March 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge27 March 1933A40Northern
A280StarbuckJoseph9103 April 193312 Lynn Rd Wisbech12 Lynn Rd Wisbech08 April 1933B38Northern
A281Symonds -Stillbornpar:Frederick & Phyllis03 April 1933Begdale ElmElm13 April 1933
A282NichollsThomas70District Roadman27 June 193312 Lynn Rd Wisbech12 Lynn Rd Wisbech30 June 1933B33Southern
A283WilsonSusan7415 July 1933ElmElm18 July 1933C34Southern
A284BatesJames8522 July 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 July 1933C20Southern
A285LivelySusannah4502 September 1933EmnethEmneth06 September 1933B64Northern
A286GeorgeEvelyn May9 days09 September 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge12 September 1933E34Northern
A287GeorgeMargaret Jean11 days11 September 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge12 September 1933E34Northern
A288RoperWilliam7930 September 1933Downham MarketDownham Market04 October 1933B76Northern
A289NewtonEric Stanley16Agricult. Labourer19 November 1933North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge23 November 1933B75Northern
A290LakeyMayes William34Small Holder04 December 1933Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm07 December 1933B39Southern
A291RuffHazel Doreen3 days02 January 1934Gosmoor House ElmGosmoor House Elm05 February 1934E35Northern
A292WardSarah Jane7504 January 1934Nr Tram Staion ElmElm08 February 1934B74Northern
A293TibblesLouisa7220 March 193483 Cannon St Wisbech83 Cannon St Wisbech23 March 1934B66Northern
A294MeekBarbara Ellen7123 March 1934Eastwood End WimblingtonEastwood End Wimblington24 March 1934B73Northern
A295LynnEdward6928 March 1934Mond Villa ElmMond Villa Elm31 March 1934B34Southern
A296GutteridgeArthur3204 April 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 April 1934A25Southern
A297StokesSusan Ann7817 April 1934Canal Side EmnethCanal Side Emneth19 April 1934A1Southern
A298DeweyDennis Walter21 mnths12 May 1934Lilypool House FBLilypool House FB14 May 1934D37Northern
A299Biggs -Stillbornpar:Stanley & Eva12 May 1934North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge14 May 1934
A300DeweyHazel June427 May 1934Lilypool House FBLilypool House FB31 May 1934D37Northern
A301BentonThomas2 mnths07 June 1934Crowmere Farm FBCrowmere Farm FB09 June 1934E38Northern
A302PeelingAlbert William21 mnths13 June 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge16 June 1934E39Northern
A303VenniJune Margaret1 mnth05 August 1932Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm05 August 1932E29Northern
A304FisherPearl5 mnths03 July 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 July 1934E40Northern
A305HarveyGeorge Edward5517 July 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge20 July 1934B67Northern
A306EdgeleyMartha1 day04 September 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 September 1934E42Northern
A307JohnsonThomas7428 September 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 October 1934B68Northern
A308RichesEmma6802 October 1934Back Rd ElmElm05 October 1934B41Southern
A309StannardWilliam7807 December 1934Hungate Rd EmnethEmneth11 December 1934A44Southern
A310OldfieldWilliam Clemens7716 December 1934March Rd FBFriday Bridge19 December 1934C38Southern
A311DrewHannah6226 December 1934Elm Rd WisbechWisbech29 December 1934B42Southern
A312DaveyArthur Peter3 mnths07 January 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 January 1935E43Northern
A313BarnardRobert8309 January 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge14 January 1935B61Northern
A314StimpsonGeorge7019 January 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge24 January 1935B72Northern
A315StimpsonEdith3404 February 1935North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge07 February 1935C39Southern
A316Overton -Stillbornpar: Charles & Sylvia11 February 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge16 February 1935
A317SmithJohn6925 March 1935North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge27 March 1935C40Southern
A318EdgeleyMartha Elizabeth6028 March 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 April 1935B48Southern
A319Stillborn – Augerpar: Edmund & Robina02 April 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 April 1935
A320HollandMary Jane6209 April 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 April 1935B71Northern
A321BoltonJohn William66Agricult. Labourer29 April 1935Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm02 May 1935B80Northern
A322AntcliffeHarriett7407 July 1935Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm09 July 1935B81Northern
A323BentonRose1 week29 June 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge02 July 1935E44Northern
A324Brown -Stillbornpar: John E. & Ina12 June 1935North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge
A325WilsonAlbert William5901 August 1935Walpole Cross KeysTerrington St Clement05 August 1935B90Northern
A326WardJane8710 August 1935170 Elm Rd Wisbech170 Elm Rd Wisbech14 August 1935C18Southern
A327BrownDaniel Francis7823 October 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 October 1935A27Northern
A328CarterKate5807 November 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge11 November 1935B57Southern
A329HallPhyllis Louisa13 mnths16 December 1935Friday BridgeFriday Bridge20 December 1935E23Northern
A330StevensGladys Ellen2822 December 1935EmnethEmneth24 December 1935A3Northern
A331BuckenhamBarbara Sheila12 mnths06 February 193632 Milner Rd Wisbech32 Milner Rd Wisbech10 February 1936E45Northern
A332MillsSusan Alice8117 February 1936Goose Tree Farm Rings EndGoose Tree Farm Rings End21 February 1936B70Northern
A333DowlingEdward Neil324 February 1936Deeping St NicholasDeeping St Nicholas28 February 1936D1Northern
A334WesternEmma Jane5410 April 1936Friday BridgeFriday Bridge14 April 1936C35Southern
A335HolmesSidney Frank2821 April 1936Friday BridgeFriday Bridge25 April 1936B91Northern
A336BurmanArthur Stokes6422 April 19369 Norman Rd PaigntonElm High Rd Wisbech27 April 1936A9Northern
A337SmithElizabeth Blanche J6407 May 1936The Stitch FBFriday Bridge11 May 1936B49Southern
A338HeyhoeLeonard Henry1 mnth19 May 1936EmnethEmneth22 May 1936E47Northern
A339JenkinsonMary8002 June 193679 Scotney St PeterboroughPeterborough06 June 1936A39Northern
A340EdgeleyJill Patricia4 mnths23 September 1936Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 September 1936E48Northern
A341TaylorHubert5424 October 1936Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 October 1936B82Northern
A342StimpsonLily Louisa6912 November 1936Needham Bank FBFriday Bridge16 November 1936B84Northern
A343RobertsWilliam John4317 December 1936Needham Bank FBFriday Bridge18 December 1936B83Northern
A344MayGeorge William8721 December 1936Friday BridgeFriday Bridge24 December 1936C41Southern
A345MastersRobert Edward7123 December 1936Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 December 1936C43Southern
A346CraneSarah Ann6114 February 1937Primrose House FBFriday Bridge18 February 1937C36Southern
A347WilliamsonErnest7108 March 1937Needham Bank FBFriday Bridge11 March 1937B85Northern
A348SmithJames7313 March 1937North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge17 March 1937C53Southern
A349TyersBrian Ivan17 mnths12 March 1937Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 March 1937E49Northern
A350BoothSusannah Louisa8505 April 1937ElmElm10 April 1937B86Northern
A351CarterRoy6 days18 April 1937Stone House March Rd FBFriday Bridge21 April 1937E50Northern
A352WestonJohn Tony6 days02 May 1937March Rd FBFriday Bridge04 May 1937E52Northern
A353BiggsGeorge William6706 May 1937181 Norwood Rd MarchMarch10 May 1937C52Southern
A354JohnsonCecil Ernest3622 June 1937Englands Hope Inn MarshlandMarshland St James24 June 1937B92Northern
A355StevensEllen6421 July 1937The Train Station EmnethEmneth24 July 1937B102Northern
A356CraneGeorge Robert6006 September 1937Poor Law Institution WisbechWisbech09 September 1937B87Northern
A357Rumbelow -Stillbornpar: George & Elsie M19 September 1937Laddus Drove FBFriday Bridge21 September 1937
A358JacksonMary Ann8119 September 1937The Mental Hospital FulbourneFulbourne23 September 1937B93Northern
A359MacrowMary Ann9017 November 1937Friday BridgeFriday Bridge22 November 1937A10Northern
A360PorterLucy Ann7014 December 1937Back Rd ElmElm18 December 1937B88Northern
A361GeorgeSylvia Joan4 mnths10 January 1938ColdhamColdhan15 January 1938E34Northern
A362PearceLydia7729 January 1938March Rd FBFriday Bridge01 February 1938B89Northern
A363EdgeleyGeorge Robert2 mnths23 February 1938Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 February 1938E53Northern
A364MarriottGeorge6315 March 19388 New Drove WisbechWisbech18 March 1938B101Northern
A365BrownKathleen Rose17 mnths18 March 1938March Rd FBFriday Bridge22 March 1938E54Northern
A366TalbotSarah Elizabeth6311 April 1938Mental Hospital FulbourneFulbourne14 April 1938C46Southern
A367CrawfordElla May1410 May 1938Waldersey Sidings FBFriday Bridge14 May 1938C47Southern
A368GreenSophia Mary7026 May 1938Maltmas Farm FBFriday Bridge30 May 1938B50Southern
A369HallsRuby2212 June 1938Manfield Hosp. NorthamptonNorthampton16 June 1938C48Southern
A370ColeThomas Charles8430 July 193833 Lynn Rd WisbechWisbech04 August 1938B10Southern
A371CooperAnnie Maud3111 September 1938Laddus Drove FBFriday Bridge15 September 1938C63Southern
A372Edgeley -Stillbornpar: Fred & Gladys14 September 1938Friday BridgeFriday Bridge14 September 1938
A373BarnardEmma6726 October 1938North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge28 October 1938B43Southern
A374WhiteKate6426 November 1938Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 November 1938B51Southern
A375GrayGeorge8103 January 1939Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 January 1939B58Southern
A376PyeMuriel Doreen18 days11 January 1939North Cambs Hosp WisbechWales Bank Elm14 January 1939E55Northern
A377WardWilliam8225 January 1939Station Farm ManeaStation Farm Manea28 January 1939B74Northern
A378YoungWilliam8310 February 1939Chapel Lane EmnethChapel Lane Emneth13 February 1939B59Southern
A379BarnardEdith4312 March 1939March Rd FBFriday Bridge16 March 1939B44Southern
A380ChapmanNathan7725 March 1939Elm High Rd EmnethEmneth29 March 1939A37Northern
A381SooleyGeorge Morton8907 April 1939“Blenheim” Elm High Rd EmnethEmneth12 April 1939A26Southern
A382CarterViolet Hilda3806 April 1939The Limes FBFriday Bridge10 April 1939B66Southern
A383GowlerElizabeth6912 April 1939Hoggs Farm Sth Brink WisbechHoggs Farm Sth Brink Wisbech15 April 1939C49Southern
A384BumfreyWilliam Thomas7021 April 1939Chapel Rd EmnethChapel Rd Emneth26 April 1939B35Southern
A385GreenJohn Henry7525 May 1939Maltmas Farm FBFriday Bridge29 May 1939B68Southern
A386WesternGordon Oliver5231 May 1939North Cambs Hosp WisbechNeedham Rd Friday Bridge05 June 1939B61Southern
A387CourtmanMartha7711 June 1939Friday Bridge Rd ElmElm15 June 1939B103Northern
A388LooseThomas Marshall6926 July 1939Chapel Lane ElmChapel Lane Elm31 July 1939C51Southern
A389ShawFrank2829 July 1939North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge02 August 1939B62Southern
A390ShawAlbert Benjamin3921 August 1939North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge25 August 1939B71Southern
A391EdgeleyJanet1 day02 September 1939Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 September 1939E57Northern
A392ThorpeHubert Montague1203 September 1939Isolation Hosp. WisbechDoddington06 September 1939C55Southern
A393BentonAlice4605 December 1939Isolation Hosp. WisbechCouncil Houses Maltmas Dr. FB08 December 1939B100Northern
A394MarshallThomas William4806 December 1939St Andrews Hosp.  NorwichChapel Lane Emneth11 December 1939B99Northern
A395TunleyJohn Richard8229 January 1940Poor Law Institution WisbechColletts Bridge Elm02 February 1940B104Northern
A396CourtmanMary Elizabeth5912 February 1940West End FBFriday Bridge16 February 1940B105Northern
A397CraneEdward Hugh5720 February 1940North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge23 February 1940C81Southern
A398BuckenhamJanet Jennifer12 hours08 March 194032 Milner Rd WisbechWisbech11 March 1940E45Northern
A399SimmonsCharles7527 April 1940North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge Rd Elm01 May 1940C56Southern
A400BatesEmma Edith5922 May 19401 Maltmas Drove FBFriday Bridge25 May 1940C57Southern
A401PhillipsFrederick William6423 May 1940North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge27 May 1940B96Northern
A402MayNaomi Mary8404 June 1940March Rd FBFriday Bridge07 June 1940C50Southern
A403TerringtonRuth6209 June 1940Friday Bridge Rd ElmElm13 June 1940B27Southern
A404StevensHorace Leslie2928 June 1940Farndale EmnethEmneth02 July 1940B114Northern
A405LakeyWalter4204 July 1940Friday Bridge Rd ElmElm08 July 1940B75Southern
A406ThorpeAdolphus3728 July 1940North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech31 July 1940B76Southern
A407WesternWilliam Thomas6718 August 194033 Lynn Rd WisbechBack Rd Friday Bridge21 August 1940B69Southern
A408SingletarySarah Jane7412 September 1940Gills Bridge OutwellOutwell16 September 1940C59Southern
A409JeffersonLouis Crawford4505 October 1940March Rd Friday BridgeMarch Rd Friday Bridge09 October 1940B84Southern
A410RogersAlan Thomas16 mnths23 October 1940North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge30 October 1940E58Northern
A411HurstCharles Robert6927 October 1940North Cambs Hosp WisbechChapel Lane Emneth30 October 1940C64Southern
A412LoughtonElizabeth Ann7501 December 1940Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 December 1940A39Southern
A413DrewJohn6216 December 1940Low Rd ElmElm20 December 1940B106Northern
A414HiltonAngus Ian5 days19 December 1940Redmore House ElmElm21 December 1940E59Northern
A415BatesIris13 mnths03 January 1941Well End Friday BridgeFriday Bridge08 January 1941E60Northern
A416SmithFreda Maud3 mnths15 January 1941Laddus Drove FBFriday Bridge18 January 1941E62Northern
A417RaceyAlfred James6615 January 1941Twyfordbury House ElmElm20 January 1941B115Northern
A418WellsSarah Elizabeth6801 February 1941Maltmas Farm FBFriday Bridge04 February 1941C70Southern
A419SmithComfort Mary7510 February 1941Redmore Gate House Sth BrinkWisbech13 February 1941C71Southern
A420HarveyJill8 mnths13 February 1941North Cambs Hosp WisbechThe Stitch Friday Bridge18 February 1941E63Northern
A421HotsonBeatrice Ann5407 March 1941Crooked Chimney Stow BardolphStow Bardolph11 March 1941C66Southern
A422HollandIvy Gladys3613 March 1941Papworth Hall SanatoriumJew House Cottages FB18 March 1941C69Southern
A423EdgeleyMichael2 days10 April 1941Crescent Nursing Home WisbechMaltmas Road Friday Bridge12 April 1941E64Northern
A424FollenArthur6811 May 1941Begdale ElmElm15 May 1941A32Northern
A425NichollsEdith Annie Martha5017 May 1941Rose Lane ElmElm21 May 1941C68Southern
A426SmithFrederick7201 June 1941Begdale Rd ElmElm05 June 1941C67Southern
A427EmmettLewis2717 June 1941Friday Bridge Rd ElmElm20 June 1941B107Northern
A428BarnardEdward Neal6504 August 1941Severands House Friday BridgeFriday Bridge08 August 1941B109Northern
A429ArnoldGeorge Henry6906 August 194133 Lynn Rd WisbechElm09 August 1941B77Southern
A430CarterHarry6825 August 194133 Lynn Rd WisbechFriday Bridge29 August 1941B78Southern
A431BentleyAlbert Thomas Edward1930 September 1941North Cambs Hosp WisbechColletts Bridge Elm04 October 1941B110Northern
A432MaileFrank3502 October 1941Well End Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 October 1941B79Southern
A433Smith -Stillbornpar:Ernest & Florence05 October 1941Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 October 1941
A434DaycottWilliam7302 December 194133 Lynn Rd WisbechBack Rd Colletts Br. Elm06 December 1941B111Northern
A435BoothRose Eilleen5921 December 1941Silverdale Gosmoor Lane ElmSilverdale Gosmoor Lane Elm24 December 1941B112Northern
A436DrewAmos6426 December 1941Cromwell Rd WisbechBroad Drove Wisbech31 December 1941B113Northern
A437OwenIvan Cecil715 January 1942North Cambs Hosp WisbechStation Rd Coldham20 January 1942D2Northern
A438CarterJohn8004 March 194233 Lynn Rd WisbechBack Rd Friday Bridge09 March 1942B85Southern
A439FisherAnnie Bridget7013 March 1942North Cambs Hosp WisbechNeedham House Friday Bridge17 March 1942B86Southern
A440LivelyJohn Henry8129 March 1942Howdale House Downham MktDownham Market03 April 1942B64Northern
A441TibblesGeorge7810 April 194233 Lynn Rd Wisbech33 Lynn Rd Wisbech14 April 1942B78Northern
A442HorsepoolMarian Doreen1723 May 1942Chapel Road EmnethChapel Rd Emneth28 May 1942C73Southern
A443BaileyStephen Edward5510 June 1942Elm High Rd EmnethElm High Rd Emneth15 June 1942B116Northern
A444HudsonDavid John5 weeks11 June 1942Wadsleys Cottages ColdhamWadsleys Cottages Coldham16 June 1942E65Northern
A445Western -StillbornPar: Mrs Doris Western11 July 1942Carters Farm Friday BridgeCarters Farm Friday Bridge11 July 1942
A446SooleyAda M7417 July 194213 Wilberforce Rd WisbechMill House Emneth22 July 1942B118Northern
A447TrimmellJohn Nigel1614 August 1942North Cambs Hosp WisbechMond Villa Low Rd Elm17 August 1942B126Northern
A448FysonRaymond1428 August 1942March Riverside Upwell5 Council Houses Maltmas Dr. FB01 September 1942D17Northern
A449StockHarry6204 September 1942Molls Drove Friday BridgeMolls Drove Friday Bridge07 September 1942B119Northern
A450JacksonArthur5210 September 1942Speedwell Farm Sth Brink WisbSpeedwell Farm Wisbech13 September 1942B120Northern
A451RuffEdward7925 October 194233 Lynn Rd WisbechRedmore Pumping Stn Wisbech29 October 1942B123Northern
A452FergusonThomas Jack4430 December 1942North Cambs Hosp WisbechNorwich Rd Wisbech04 January 1943B125Northern
A453JacksonMiriam5406 January 194333 Lynn Rd WisbechSpeedwell Farm Wisbech08 January 1943B132Northern
A454CrownFlorence Elizabeth3408 January 1943Memorial Hosp. PeterboroughChatteris12 January 1943B128Northern
A455RoseberryPauline May2 mnths15 January 1943North Cambs Hosp WisbechBegdale Rd Elm19 January 1943E66Northern
A456MannArthur7401 February 194333 Lynn Rd Wisbech33 Lynn Rd Wisbech04 February 1943B129Northern
A457GiddensJane Rebecca6208 March 1943Carters Farm Friday BridgeCarters Farm Laddus Drove FB12 March 1943C72Southern
A458RiddingtonMary Jane6622 March 1943184 Elm Rd Wisbech184 Elm Rd Wisbech25 March 1943B87Southern
A459NormanMichael John3 mnths26 March 1943North Cambs Hosp WisbechNr Blacksmith’s Arms Emneth31 March 1943E68Northern
A460WhiteWendy16 mnths17 April 1943North Cambs Hosp WisbechChapel Lane Elm21 April 1943E69Northern
A461MacrowHarriett Rebecca5315 July 1943Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 July 1943B130Southern
A462BaldcockSusannah8608 October 19432 Beech Cottages Elm2 Beech Cottages Elm12 October 1943B15Southern
A463EdgeleyValerie2 mnths10 October 1943North Cambs Hosp WisbechMaltmas Road Friday Bridge13 October 1943E64Northern
A464WhiteJulia8015 October 19432 Aurora Cottages Elm High Rd2 Aurora Cottages Elm High Rd19 October 1943B131Northern
A465BushMary Ellen7417 October 1943“East View” Elm High Rd Emneth“East View” Elm High Rd Emneth20 October 1943B135Southern
A466CarterAlec3302 November 1943March Rd Friday BridgeMarch Rd Friday Bridge06 November 1943B138Northern
A467FisherJohn8309 September 1943March Rd Friday BridgeMarch Rd Friday Bridge14 December 1943B139Northern
A468BarnardBarry Anthony5 mnths25 December 1943North Cambs Hosp WisbechRose Lane Elm29 December 1943E70Northern
A469CraneNelson3226 December 1943North Cambs Hosp WisbechNr Post Office Friday Bridge31 December 1943C79Southern
A470BardellJoe Ahmed6917 January 1944Sub Post Office Friday BridgeSub Post Office Friday Bridge20 January 1944C54Southern
A471SimmonsMary Ann8217 January 1944Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm21 January 1944C65Southern
A472OldroydArthur6925 January 1944Coldham House Friday BridgeColdham House Friday Bridge29 January 1944B36Southern
A473WennJames William6627 January 1944Maltmas Rd Friday BridgeMaltmas Rd Friday Bridge31 January 1944B140Northern
A474MacrowJames William7317 February 1944Selwyn House March Rd FBSelwyn House March Rd FB21 February 1944A5Northern
A475LeeCharles6321 February 1944Percival Farm ColdhamPercival Farm Coldham24 February 1944B141Northern
A476Hunter RoweFrederick Herbert7001 March 1944The Infirmary Downham MarketHigh Rd Emneth04 March 1944A22Northern
A477EmmettDavid Lewis214 March 1944Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm18 March 1944E72Northern
A478BlanchflowerRose Ella7723 April 1944Elm High Rd EmnethElm High Rd Emneth25 April 1944A11Northern
A479WhiteWalter Henry3105 May 19447 London Rd Newbury7 London Rd Newbury11 May 1944B150Northern
A480RaceyJulia6601 June 1944Twyfordbury House ElmTwyfordbury House Elm06 June 1944B127Northern
A481LeeSusannah5703 August 1944Percival Farm ColdhamPercival Farm Coldham07 August 1944B153Northern
A482YoungElizabeth8809 August 1944Stowdale Home Downham MktStowdale Home Downham Mkt12 August 1944B136Northern
A483EdgeleyJack7004 September 1944Bank House Friday BridgeBank House Friday Bridge08 September 1944B93Southern
A484BoothHenry6404 October 1944North Cambs Hosp WisbechSilverdale Elm07 October 1944B124Northern
A485WhiteIsaac6420 October 1944Sherwood House EmnethSherwood House Emneth23 October 1944B142Northern
A486FreemanJohn Leslie4125 October 1944Walpole HighwayWalpole Highway28 October 1944C78Southern
A487HallHerbert2409 November 1944Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge12 November 1944B90Southern
A488BuckenhamGeorge William4013 November 1944Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm16 November 1944B54Southern
A489BoothJames8713 November 1944“West View” Elm“West View” Elm18 November 1944B98Northern
A490WesternDoris Mary12 hours23 November 1944North Cambs Hosp WisbechBottom Laddus Friday Bridge29 November 1944E73Northern
A491NewmanFrances Lucy5322 December 1944North Cambs Hosp WisbechGosmoor Lane  Elm26 December 1944B144Northern
A492KellyMichael John3 mnths28 December 1944North Cambs Hosp WisbechMarch Rd Friday Bridge01 January 1945E74Northern
A493FieldMary8028 January 19453 Lakenham Tce Low Rd Elm3 Lakenham Tce Low Rd Elm31 January 1945B145Northern
A494WhiteKate6502 February 1945North Cambs Hosp WisbechSherwood House Emneth06 February 1945B142Northern
A495GutteridgeEmma Jane6602 February 1945Rosehook South Bank WisbechNr Clock Tower Friday Bridge06 February 1945C74Southern
A496CraneWalter Hugh1905 February 1945Chase Farm Hosp. EnfieldNeedham Bank Friday Bridge10 February 1945C87Southern
A497Griffith -Stillbornpar: Lewis & Gladys25 February 1945Springfield ElmSpringfield Elm27 February 1945
A498LongSarah7906 March 1945Nr Post Office ElmNr Post Office Elm10 March 1945B102Southern
A499?William Edward6222 March 1945Maltmas Farm FBFriday Bridge24 March 1945B77Northern
A500ReedJames7406 May 1945Wales Bank ElmWales Bank Elm10 May 1945B154Northern
A501NichollsBrian George1 day07 May 1945Nursing Home 33 Lynn Rd WisbHigh Rd Emneth10 May 1945E74 ?Northern
A502NurseGeorge7413 May 1945Low Rd ElmLow Rd Elm17 May 1945A35Southern
A503WarbyFanny8521 May 1945Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge24 May 1945A35Northern
A504HoodRobert William7821 May 1945Homeland  EmnethHomeland  Emneth25 May 1945C76Southern
A505HousdenEthel May5330 June 1945Nr Church Friday BridgeNr Church Friday Bridge04 July 1945B155Northern
A506CraneMary Elizabeth7105 July 194533 Lynn Rd WisbechBegdale Elm10 July 1945B146Northern
A507DrewRobert7610 July 194533 Lynn Rd Wisbech103 Elm Rd Wisbech13 July 1945B42Southern
A508WhiteAmis7126 July 1945Chapel Lane EmnethChapel Lane Emneth29 July 1945B156Northern
A509PyeEric Charles2509 August 1945Addenbrookes HospWales Bank Elm14 August 1945B147Northern
A510GeorgeRobert7022 September 1945North Cambs Hosp WisbechMarch Rd Friday Bridge27 September 1945B157Northern
A511BoyceHarold Daniel3909 October 1945The Holts ElmThe Holts Elm12 October 1945B148Northern
A512GowlerGeorge William7714 October 1945Hoggs Farm Sth Brink WisbechHoggs Farm Sth Brink Wisbech17 October 1945C58Southern
A513ColeGeorge William7321 October 1945Jew House Cottages FBJew House Cottages FB24 October 1945B158Northern
A514WhyattAlice3926 October 19457 Council Houses Waldersey FB7 Council Houses Waldersey FB29 October 1945B159Northern
A515BlanchflowerHarry Archer4702 December 1945North Cambs Hosp WisbechElm Rd Wisbech05 December 1945B162Northern
A516HotsonEdwin Robert7607 December 1945Crooked Chimney OutwellCrooked Chimney Outwell11 December 1945B163Northern
A517ChapmanDavid John20 mnths12 December 1945Amora Cottages High Rd EmnethAmora Cottages High Rd Emneth15 December 1945E75Northern
A518DrewDavid Geoffrey1731 January 1946Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm05 February 1946B164Northern
A519SaundersHarry5502 March 1946North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge06 March 1946C99Southern
A520MasonAudrey Eileen3115 March 1946North Cambs Hosp Wisbech31 Elm Rd  Wisbech19 March 1946B167Northern
A521ClarkeWilliam8020 March 194633 Lynn Rd WisbechWell End Friday Bridge23 March 1946B80Southern
A522BentonJohn William2219 April 1946Harper Barracks RiponFriday Bridge24 April 1946B137Northern
A523ClarkeLeonard3702 May 1946General Hosp. NorthamptonNorthampton07 May 1946B166Northern
A524WilliamsonChristanne8019 May 1946Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge22 May 1946C75Southern
A525Brooks -Stillbornpar: Joseph & Victoria31 May 1946Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge01 June 1946
A526JeffersonWilliam Henry5617 June 1946Needham Hall Cottages ElmNeedham Hall Cottages Elm20 June 1946B110Southern
A527MerrellEllen Barbara3720 July 194670 North Brink WisbechFriday Bridge24 July 1946B63Southern
A528ReedLucy Ellen6303 August 1946North Cambs Hosp Wisbech7 Wales Bank Elm07 August 1946B165Southern
A529GrimesEliza7311 August 1946Church Rd EmnethEmneth15 August 1946B170Northern
A530HarveyDoreen2521 September 1946Chase Farm Hosp. EnfieldRookery Farm Friday Bridge27 September 1946B81Southern
A531Bates -Stillbornpar: Harold & Rose12 October 1946North Cambs Hosp WisbechWell End Friday Bridge12 October 1946
A532GeorgeLucy6729 October 194633 Lynn Rd WisbechFriday Bridge02 November 1946A34Northern
A533McNamaraMary4031 October 194633 Lynn Rd WisbechBegdale Elm05 November 1946B174Northern
A534BurmanHannah Morton9418 November 1946Crescent Nursing Home WisbechColletts Bridge Elm21 November 1946A6Northern
A535SieleyBenjamin7 mnths16 December 1946The Bungalow Laddus Drove FBLaddus Drove Friday Bridge19 December 1946B77Northern
A536WinnupSarah Ann5129 December 1946Nr Post Office ElmNr Post Office Elm02 January 1947B79Southern
A537StevensFrank Herbert7002 February 1947Elm High Rd EmnethNr Tram Station Elm05 February 1947B175Northern
A538NewmanGeorge William6418 March 1947North Cambs Hosp WisbechGosmoor Lane  Elm21 March 1947B180Northern
A539SmartSabina8228 March 1947Church Rd Emneth“Homeland”  Emneth01 April 1947C94Southern
A540WhiteFred8308 April 1947Meadowgate Lane ElmMeadowgate Lane Elm11 April 1947B143Northern
A541WallissElizabeth A7616 April 1947Church St StangroundIngoldis  Emneth21 April 1947C97Southern
A542WhiteHenry8224 April 1947Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge28 April 1947B179Northern
A543CourtmanThomas9228 April 194733 Lynn Rd WisbechFriday Bridge02 May 1947B176Northern
A544EmmentPhyllis May2803 May 1947Northants SanitoriumElm08 May 1947B191Northern
A545WilsonFlorence Annie8027 May 1947Terrington St JohnTerrington St John31 May 1947B90Northern
A546RiddingtonAlfred John7411 June 1947184 Low Rd Elm184 Low Rd Elm13 June 1947B96Southern
A547BarnardRichard8426 August 1947The Smithy Friday BridgeThe Smithy Friday Bridge30 August 1947B52Southern
A548ChenneryMary Ann8417 July 194733 Lynn Rd WisbechThe Stitch Friday Bridge09/07/1947 ?B181Northern
A549CookBarbara Evelyn1827 July 1947Gull Drove GuyhirnGull Drove Guyhirn31 July 1947B192Northern
A550George -Stillbornpar: Ivy Lilian01 November 1947Green Drove Friday BridgeGreen Drove Friday Bridge02 November 1947
A551BatesJohn811 January 1948North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge08/01/1948 ?C75Southern
A552SmithAnnie Maria8008 March 19481 Council Houses Waldersey Elm1 Council Houses Waldersey Elm11 March 1948C62Southern
A553DayBasil Sidney2 mnths11 March 1948North Cambs Hosp WisbechNr Station Coldham15 March 1948E77Northern
A554BlissBetsy7103 May 1948March Rd Friday BridgeMarch Rd Friday Bridge06 May 1948B173Northern
A555WhiteJames7115 July 194833 Lynn Rd WisbechMolls Drove Friday Bridge20 July 1948B60Southern
A556LongAlbert7919 July 1948Nr Post Office ElmNr Post Office Elm23 July 1948B111Southern
A557WilliamsonEmily7526 August 194833 Lynn Rd WisbechNeedham Bank Friday Bridge30 August 1948B97Northern
A558BaldockWilliam6904 September 19482 Beech Cottages Elm2 Beech Cottages Elm08 September 1948B177Northern
A559SmithArthur7123 September 1948Barnards Cottages FBBarnards Cottages FB27 September 1948B193Northern
A560FullerNathaniel7504 November 1948Council Houses Begdale ElmCouncil Houses Begdale Elm08 November 1948B178Northern
A561HousdenJohn William5808 December 1948Ruth Cottage FBRuth Cottage FB11 December 1948B201Northern
A562HowardWalter Henry8211 December 1948Friday BridgeFriday Bridge14 December 1948B181Northern
A563PrattJane Ann8911 February 1949189 Low Road Elm189 Low Rd Elm15 February 1949C3Southern
A564Brooks Roy Stephen9 hours25 February 1949Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge28 February 1949E78Northern
A565BrownJames Edward6601 March 194912 Council Houses Begdale Elm12 Council Houses Begdale Elm04 March 1949B202Northern
A566ClowGeorge Thomas8025 March 194933 Lynn Rd WisbechColletts Bridge Elm29 March 1949B46Northern
A567HoodHarriett8313 April 1949Downham MarketChapel Lane Elm16 April 1949C103Southern
A568MaileGeorge5003 June 1949Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge07 June 1949B97Southern
A569RammJames5814 July 1949Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge16 July 1949C105Southern
A570BatesAnnie7327 July 1949Barnards Cottages FBBarnards Cottages FB29 July 1949C98Southern
A571NolanGeorge4513 September 1949Begdale ElmBegdale Elm16 September 1949B98Southern
A572BoyceErnest William5110 November 1949DenverDenver15 November 1949B160Northern
A573HuntSamuel George6424 November 194929 London Rd Kings Lynn29 London Rd Kings Lynn29 November 1949B196Northern
A574TerringtonHerbert7209 December 1949Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm13 December 1949B26Southern
A575BristowKathleen Mary6 weeks19 January 1950Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 January 1950E82Northern
A576CarterFlorence Emily8419 March 1950Nr Church Friday BridgeNr Church Friday Bridge23 March 1950C91Southern
A577LooseEdith Mary3715 April 1950“Homeland” Chapel Lane EmnethChapel Lane Emneth19 April 1950C51Southern
A578BoyceBlows8325 April 1950The Holts ElmThe Holts Elm29 April 1950B172Northern
A579ClarkJane8219 May 195033 Lynn Rd Wisbech4 Council Houses Friday Bridge23 May 1950B107Southern
A580SmartWilliam Jakes4830 June 1950Wales Bank ElmWales Bank Elm03 July 1950B189Northern
A581BarkerFred Grumbley7702 July 195033 Lynn Rd Wisbech4 Maltmas Rd Friday Bridge06 July 1950B108Southern
A582CarterThomas8215 July 1950March Rd Friday BridgeMarch Rd Friday Bridge19 July 1950B116Southern
A583WatsonElizabeth6120 September 1950Creek Rd MarchCreek Rd March23 September 1950C92Southern
A584RobbinsCharles Emmett7629 October 1950197 Elm Low Rd Wisbech197 Elm Low Rd Wisbech01 November 1950B104Southern
A585BarnardIan Richard3 days13 November 1950North Cambs Hosp Wisbech4 Council Houses Friday Bridge17 November 1950E87Northern
A586Bowles -Stillbornpar: William & Gladys17 November 1950Nursing Home Lynn Rd WisbechFriday Bridge19 November 1950
A587WilesWalter8120 November 1950Clarkson Ave WisbechBirds Corner Emneth23 November 1950B32Southern
A588MaileJames7608 December 1950Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge12 December 1950B88Southern
A589MerrellJohn6830 December 1950Peartree House FBPeartree House FB02 January 1951B183Northern
A590RustGerald8 mnths03 January 1951North Cambs Hosp WisbechWaldersey Sidings Elm06 January 1951E79Northern
A591DrewRichard8316 January 195133 Lynn Rd WisbechColletts Bridge Elm20 January 1951C100Southern
A592ChenneryEdward Woodrow8728 January 195168 Cannon St WisbechThe Stitch FB31 January 1951B197Northern
A593CarterWilliam8420 February 1951“Hazeldene” Friday BridgeFriday Bridge24 February 1951B94Southern
A594HollandHenry Charles7706 April 1951North Cambs Hosp Wisbech7 Council Houses Begdale10 April 1951B190Northern
A595CunningtonJames Henry8011 April 1951Council Houses Begdale ElmCouncil Houses Begdale Elm14 April 1951C101Southern
A596BatesSusannah9514 May 1951“Burmah Cottage” Friday Bridge“Burmah Cottage” Friday Bridge17 May 1951A15Northern
A597JeffriesElizabeth Mary5921 May 1951Ladus Drove FBLadus Drove FB26 May 1951B185Northern
A598GambleEthel Mary5807 June 1951Charity Farm Friday BridgeCharity Farm Friday Bridge09 June 1951A42Northern
A599BeartEllen7908 June 1951March Rd Friday BridgeMarch Rd Friday Bridge11 June 1951D44Northern
A600RichesIsaac7901 August 1951Clarkson Hospital WisbechBack Rd Friday Bridge04 August 1951B105Southern
A601CraneMary Sophia6223 August 1951North Cambs Hosp WisbechWell End Friday Bridge27 August 1951C90Southern
A602StimpsonCharlotte Ann7527 August 1951EmnethEmneth30 August 1951C107Southern
A603HarveyEliza7326 September 195114a Golding St Wisbech14a Golding St Wisbech29 September 1951B79Northern
A604BatesErnest7114 October 195113 Maltmas Drove FB13 Maltmas Drove FB17 October 1951B197Northern
A605SingletaryGeorge Joseph6020 November 1951North Cambs Hosp WisbechMurrow24 November 1951A46Northern
A606CannonMary Elizabeth7728 November 195133 Lynn Rd Wisbech12 Tower Rd Friday Bridge01 December 1951C100Southern
A607WesleyWilliam Henry5710 December 195133 Lynn Rd WisbechWaldersey Farm Friday Bridge13 December 1951C117Southern
A608LogginsJames8412 December 1951Back Rd Friday BridgeBack Rd Friday Bridge15 December 1951B205Northern
A609BatesJames Harry6231 December 1951Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge04 January 1952A48Northern
A610OldroydJohn Richard8014 April 1952The Stitch Friday BridgeThe Stitch Friday Bridge17 April 1952A50Northern
A611SmithEva Alice7430 April 195233 Lynn Rd WisbechWell End Friday Bridge03 May 1952B133Northern
A612HuntFlora8207 May 1952EmnethEmneth10 May 1952B73Southern
A613RolfeSidney Arthur5408 August 1952North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge12 August 1952B182Northern
A614ColeAlice Maud7729 September 1952Station Rd ColdhamStation Rd Coldham02 October 1952B204Northern
A615EastoeWilliam7213 October 1952Redmoor Cottages ElmRedmoor Cottages Elm27 October 1952B188Northern
A616GrimesJames Robert7223 November 1952Clarkson Hospital WisbechClarkson Hospital Wisbech27 November 1952B211Northern
A617WesternRupert Lancelot7001 January 1953Ihona Villa Friday BridgeIhona Villa Friday Bridge06 January 1953C35Southern
A618GambleWisman6013 January 1953Charity Farm Friday BridgeCharity Farm Friday Bridge16 January 1953A43Northern
A619GarnerOlive Minnie5302 January 1953W Norfolk & KL Hosp Kings LynnNeedham Lodge Needham Elm30 January 1953B207Northern
A620CarterFrederick8209 February 19538 Wales Bank Elm8 Wales Bank Elm13 February 1953C109Southern
A621HoodJohn Thomas8013 February 1953W Norfolk & KL Hosp Kings LynnW Norfolk & KL Hosp Kings Lynn17 February 1953C112Southern
A622HoodJane8614 February 1953401 North Brink Wisbech401 North Brink Wisbech19 February 1953C85Southern
A623WatlingAlbert Edward6522 February 1953Needham Bank Friday BridgeNeedham Bank Friday Bridge25 February 1953B200Northern
A624MastersonMary Elizabeth8631 March 1953Oak Inn WisbechOak Inn Wisbech07 April 1953C43Southern
A625BoyceMary Elizabeth8802 April 1953Oldfield House Friday BridgeOldfield House Friday Bridge07 April 1953B172Northern
A626NunnFrederick7812 July 1953The Stitch Friday BridgeThe Stitch Friday Bridge15 July 1953A41Northern
A627BatesRobert7705 September 19531 Maltmas Drove Friday Bridge1 Maltmas Drove Friday Bridge09 September 1953C102Southern
A628BiggsEmma Jane8130 October 19539 Church Rd Elm9 Church Rd Elm03 November 1953C67Southern
A629LoughtonKathleen6130 October 1953Norman House Friday BridgeNorman House Friday Bridge04 November 1953D33Southern
A630JenkinsonElizabeth Ann7229 November 1953“Ilkley Nook” Friday Bridge“Ilkley Nook” Friday Bridge04 December 1953D35Northern
A631GiddensGeorge Anthony7731 December 19535 Council Houses Wisb St Mary5 Council Houses Wisb St Mary02 January 1954C89Southern
A632DaySarah Elizabeth6026 January 1954Station Cottages ColdhamStation Cottages Coldham30 January 1954D36Northern
A633FullerEmma7920 February 19546 Council Houses Elm6 Council Houses Elm23 February 1954B178Northern
A634BatesTom8001 March 19547 Chapnall Rd Wisbech7 Chapnall Rd Wisbech05 March 1954B32Northern
A635WesternHenry Percival6914 March 19545 Church Rd Friday Bridge5 Church Friday Bridge17 March 1954C95Southern
A636WhiteHarold James1726 March 19548 Council Houses Maltmas Dr FB8 Council Houses Maltmas Dr FB31 March 1954B100Northern
A637KiddDavid Henry7720 May 1954Chapel Cottages ColdhamChapel Cottages Coldham22 May 1954B210Northern
A638RaynerVictoria Ellen6619 May 195429 Church Rd Friday Bridge29 Church Rd Friday Bridge22 May 1954B214Northern
A639DrewElizabeth7102 June 1954Clarkson Hosp 33 Lynn Rd WisbRedmoor South Brink Elm05 June 1954B102Northern
A640JeffersonAlice6330 June 1954Papworth EverardWest Walton05 July 1954B110Southern
A641Hunter RoweDavid John8803 August 1954Bramley Gdns WybostonBramley Gdns Wyboston06 August 1954C37Southern
A642BarnardErnest Charles4703 August 1954Mental Hosp FulbournMental Hosp Fulbourn07 August 1954B70Southern
A643HayesMatthew7922 August 1954North Cambs Hosp Wisbech1 Bungalow Nr Church Elm26 August 1954B97Northern
A644WesternKelvin Gordon23 mnths27 August 1954North Cambs Hosp WisbechHundreds Farm Coldham30 August 1954B121Northern
A645LeetWilliam7822 September 1954The Haven Stitch Rd ElmThe Haven Stitch Rd Elm25 September 1954B99Northern
A646HarveyGeorge Edward7224 September 1954Chequers PH Friday BridgeChequers PH Friday Bridge28 September 1954B106Southern
A647SmithAnnie Elizabeth7006 October 1954Pearsons Farm Hobbs Lot MarchPearsons Farm Hobbs Lot March09 October 1954B40Northern
A648DayJoseph6820 October 19546 Council Houses Coldham6 Council Houses Coldham23 October 1954B48Northern
A649FlaggGeorge Robert7924 October 195433 Lynn Rd WisbechLow Rd Elm27 October 1954C113Southern
A650GriffinHerbert Frank4811 November 19549 Overstone Rd Coldham9 Overstone Rd Coldham15 November 1954B69Southern
A651VallowWilliam7328 November 1954The Bungalow Nr Church ElmThe Bungalow Nr Church Elm02 December 1954B68Southern
A652WhitbyRebecca Ann7212 December 1954North Cambs Hosp WisbechChurch Rd Friday Bridge16 December 1954B124Northern
A653AllisonHerbert Colin5225 January 1955145 Elm Low Road145 Elm Low Road28 January 1955B67Southern
A654BentleyThomas Edward7506 February 1955North Cambs Hosp Wisbech11 North Terrace Wisbech10 February 1955B134Northern
A655MarshamEliza Jane8314 February 1955EmnethEmneth17 February 1955B19Southern
A656OldroydMartha8215 February 1955Needham Bank ElmNeedham Bank Elm19 February 1955A49Northern
A657WennMary Elizabeth7910 March 19559 Waldersea Siding FB9 Waldersea Siding Friday Bridge15 March 1955B122Northern
A658SmithLouisa8123 March 19552 Waldersea Siding FB2 Waldersea Siding Friday Bridge28 March 1955C67Southern
A659LogginsEmma Jane7703 April 1955Back Rd ElmBack Rd Elm07 April 1955B212Northern
A660PhillipsSusannah7807 April 1955North Cambs Hosp Wisbech12 Burcroft Rd Wisbech12 April 1955B108Northern
A661CourtmanThomas6007 April 195533 Lynn Rd WisbechBack Rd Elm13 April 1955B198Northern
A662DaisleyArthur7817 April 1955Back Rd ElmBack Rd Elm20 April 1955B209Northern
A663GeorgeAlice7525 April 19553 Agricultural Cott. Sutton St Ed3 Agric Cot. Sutton St Edmunds28 April 1955B169Northern
A664MossMartha7509 May 19552 Bungalow FB Rd Friday Bridge2 Bungalow Friday Bridge Rd FB11 May 1955B21Southern
A665HarveyRebecca Ann6918 June 1955The Chequers Friday BridgeThe Chequers Friday Bridge21 June 1955B115Southern
A666StannardFlorence Emily6324 August 1955North View Well End FBNth View Well End Friday Bridge27 August 1955B66Southern
A667CundyDavid John401 September 1955Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge05 September 1955B125Northern
A668RuffGeorge William5607 October 195533 Lynn Rd WisbechRose Cottage Friday Bridge11 October 1955C42Southern
A669FisherRebecca9319 October 1955Malvern House March Rd FBMalvern House March Rd FB22 October 1955B151Northern
A670WarbyArthur John7130 October 1955North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge Rd Elm30 October 1955A70Northern
A671WennJohn Thomas8518 November 195533 Lynn Rd WisbechWaldersey Friday Bridge22 November 1955B122Northern
A672YardyRobert5704 December 1955School House ColdhamSchool House Coldham08 December 1955B66Southern
A673BentonMark7908 January 195633 Lynn Rd WisbechWell End Friday Bridge12 January 1956B120
A674BuckenhamGeorge7711 January 1956Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm14 January 1956B23Southern
A675LooseEmily Ellen8211 January 1956EmnethEmneth14 January 1956C60Southern
A676WhiteGeorge8126 January 1956EmnethEmneth30 January 1956A19Southern
A677ScottKezia8806 February 1956St James Hospital EmnethElm High Rd Emneth09 February 1956B118Northern
A678BentonRachel6922 February 195633 Lynn Rd WisbechWell End Friday Bridge22 February 1956B120
A679WallisGarner William7806 March 1956Restville Elm High Rd EmnethElm High Rd Emneth10 March 1956C106Southern
A680WebbJohn Thomas8406 March 1956161 Low Rd Elm161 Low Rd Elm10 March 1956B104Northern
A681WebbHarriett8515 March 1956161 Elm Low Rd Elm161 Elm Low Rd Elm19 March 1956B104Northern
A682WalkerElla6530 March 1956W Norfolk & KL Hosp Kings Lynn17 Lime St Sutton Bridge Lincs04 April 1956A47Northern
A683MaileHarriett Wolfe7512 May 195633 Lynn Rd WisbechWell End Friday Bridge17 May 1956B88Southern
A684BiggsStanley4918 May 1956Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge23 May 1956A54Southern
A685RawlingJohn William8406 July 1956North Cambs Hosp WisbechBack Rd Elm10 July 1956C115Southern
A686RuffAnn9224 July 1956Rose Cottage Friday BridgeRose Cottage Friday Bridge27 July 1956C42Southern
A687HarveyAlbert James6923 August 1956Rookery Farm Friday BridgeRookery Farm Friday Bridge27 August 1956B116Northern
A688SmithRobert William6124 August 19561 Lillypool Cot. Waldersey FB1 Lillypool Cot. Waldersey FB27 August 1956A53Northern
A689ClareySteven Dennis23 hours20 September 1956Bowthorpe Mat. Home WisbechBack Rd Friday Bridge25 September 1956?83Northern
A690WharfeJoseph Henry7825 September 1956Chequers PH Friday BridgeChequers PH Friday Bridge28 September 1956A53Northern
A691WarrenerRobert Henry6225 September 1956Begdale ElmGosmoor Lane Elm28 September 1956B112Northern
A692AbleJohn William6902 November 195633 Lynn Rd WisbechNr Post Office Elm06 November 1956B108Northern
A693PutterillBeatrice Alice5502 November 1956Kirkham House Friday BridgeKirkham House Friday Bridge06 November 1956B95Northern
A694FlaggAgnes7529 December 1956March Rd Friday BridgeMarch Rd Friday Bridge02 January 1957A41Northern
A695BaldingAlfred Charles5129 December 1956North Cambs Hosp WisbechWaldersey Sidings Friday Bridge05 January 1957B101Northern
A696BarnardLouis Douglas3816 January 1957North Cambs Hosp WisbechMaltmas Rd Friday Bridge19 January 1957A62Northern
A697StannardCharles Thomas7319 January 1957North Cambs Hosp WisbechEnfield House Friday Bridge23 January 1957B40Southern
A698CraneFred5920 January 19576 Council Houses Waldersey6 Council Houses Waldersey23 January 1957B50Southern
A699CobbinDennis Lawrence2713 February 1957North Cambs Hosp WisbechLow Rd Elm16 February 1957B90Northern
A700AllenCharlotte Hannah6826 February 1957North Cambs Hosp WisbechNr Old Post Office Elm02 March 1957A62Southern
A701FrenchCare2 mnths14 October 1957North Cambs Hosp Wisbech7 Oldfield Avenue Elm18 October 1957D1Northern
A702TingayJohn Henry6229 October 1957Colletts Bridge ElmWell End Friday Bridge02 November 1957B85Northern
A703MackmanWalter M5713 November 1957Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge18 November 1957B35Southern
A704SmartEmily6005 December 1957Black Horse Lane ElmBlack Horse Lane Elm09 December 1957B30Southern
A705SymondsMargaret Rose2212 January 1958North Cambs Hosp Wisbech74 Russell Avenue March16 January 1958B103Northern
A706CraneFrank5906 March 1958Tower Hospital ElyElm High Rd Emneth12 March 1958C88Southern
A707StubbingsAnnie7129 March 195833 Lynn Rd WisbechGate House Coldham02 April 1958B25Southern
A708BatesArthur William3717 April 1958North Cambs Hosp WisbechBack Rd Friday Bridge21 April 1958B105Northern
A709WilesAlice Maud7121 April 1958Main Rd EmnethMain Rd Emneth25 April 1958B80Northern
A710GambleKate3926 April 1958Addenbrookes HospCharity Farm Friday Bridge01 May 1958B65Northern
A711GinnMary Ann Lucy7229 April 1958Colletts Bridge ElmColletts Bridge Elm02 May 1958B20Southern
A712BarnardEdward Lewis5922 May 195833 Lynn Rd Wisbech15 Limes Avenue Elm24 May 1958A60Northern
A713MasonWilliam8810 September 1958Clarkson Hospital WisbechRedmoor Cottages Elm15 September 1958B54Northern
A714DrewCecil Robert5903 October 1958County Hospital DoddingtonSchool Farm Elm07 October 1958B75Northern
A715StimpsonGeorge Henry7617 October 1958North Cambs Hosp WisbechKelvin House Elm21 October 1958C116Southern
A716LawesDavid4721 November 1958Low Rd ElmLow Road Elm24 November 1958B109Northern
A717SimmonsAda Caroline7631 December 1958Church Rd Friday BridgeChurch Rd Friday Bridge03 January 1959B15Southern
A718TowlerSarah Annie7210 January 1959Elm Low Rd ElmElm Low Rd Elm14 January 1959B60Northern
A719DobneyMariha7012 January 1959North Cambs Hosp WisbechElmwood Elm15 January 1959A59Northern
A720GroomWilliam8014 January 1959North Cambs Hosp WisbechChurch Grove Elm19 January 1959B10Southern
A721BarkerSusan Alice8619 January 195933 Lynn Rd WisbechFriday Bridge22 January 1959B108Southern
A722DraycottMary Agnes9107 February 19597 Gosmoor Lane Elm7 Gosmoor Lane Elm11 February 1959B111Northern
A723BatesJohn William8728 February 195933 Lynn Rd WisbechAyers Cottages Elm04 March 1959B5Southern
A724CundyIsaac7801 April 195933 Lynn Rd WisbechWell End Friday Bridge04 April 1959B50Northern
A725FysonSidney William6720 April 1959North Cambs Hosp Wisbech5 Maltmas Rd Friday Bridge23 April 1959B119Northern
A726PutterillHerbert5801 June 1959Kirkham House Friday BridgeKirkham House Friday Bridge04 June 1959B113Northern
A727WellsAnnie Ursula7721 July 195933 Lynn Rd WisbechNr Church Friday Bridge24 July 1959B45Northern
A728RushRobert William8015 August 19593 Bungalow Low Rd Elm3 Bungalow Low Rd Elm19 August 1959B117Northern
A729NitzscheeWalter3617 August 1959Doddington HospitalBegdale Lane Elm25 August 1959A5Southern
A730GowlerViolet Alice6004 October 195933 Lynn Rd WisbechNettle Bank South Brink08 October 1959A5Southern
A731BatesSusannah8913 November 1959Barton Rd Hosp WisbechBack Rd Friday Bridge18 November 1959B197Northern
A732BushRobert8618 February 1960EmnethEmneth23 February 1960B135Northern
A733EtteridgeBertha Elizabeth5922 February 1960Memorial Hosp. Peterborough1 Lime Tree Ave Peterborough26 February 1960B40Northern
A734EtheringtonEva7624 March 1960Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge28 March 1960B35Northern
A735WennJoseph Job7123 April 1960Back Rd ElmBack Rd Elm26 April 1960B35Northern
A736NichollsArthur George6910 May 1960North Cambs Hosp WisbechRose Lane Elm14 May 1960C68Southern
A737TowlerWilliam Howard7911 May 1960157 Chartridge Lane Chesham157 Chartridge Lane Chesham14 May 1960B60Northern
A738RistellHoratio Herbert K4325 May 1960County Hospital DoddingtonElm High Rd Bakery Emneth31 May 1960B20Northern
A739NewtonRosanna8909 June 196033 Lynn Rd WisbechMarch Rd Friday Bridge13 June 1960A52Southern
A740ThompsonFrederick7622 June 1960North Cambs Hosp Wisbech8 Wales Bank Elm25 June 1960B25Northern
A741BoothDorothy7224 July 1960West View ElmWest View Elm28 July 1960B86Northern
A742LawrenceGeorge8811 October 196033 Lynn Rd Wisbech33 Lynn Rd Wisbech14 October 1960B15Northern
A743BarrettAnita Mary Elizabeth6726 November 19604 Gosmoor Lane Elm4 Gosmoor Lane Elm30 November 1960B4Southern
A744AshbyBarbara Jane2 mnths26 December 19605 Waldersey Sidings FBridge5 Waldersey Sidings FBridge31 December 1960D4Northern
A745GridlestoneLucy Mary9031 December 1960Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge04 January 1961B43Northern
A746NewtonJohn Thomas9211 January 1961The Stitch Friday BridgeThe Stitch Friday Bridge16 January 1961A60Southern
A747JenkinsonGeorge Gore8209 January 1961North Cambs Hosp WisbechThe Stitch Friday Bridge13 February 1961D35Northern
A748RumbelowAlfred8509 February 196133 Lynn Rd WisbechLong Drove Friday Bridge14 February 1961B69Northern
A749PyeCharles Daniel7016 February 196133 Lynn Rd Wisbech3 Wales Bank Elm20 February 1961B10Northern
A750RoofeEthel Mary6705 March 1961Waldersey Hall ElmWaldersey Hall Elm09 March 1961B5Northern
A751BurmanLaura9313 April 1961Brendon Stewart Nurs Home KLElm High Rd Emneth17 April 1961A74Northern
A752BryantChristine Ann420 May 1961Nettle Bank ElmNettle  Bank Elm25 May 1961D273Northern
A753KnightallBertha Elizabeth6701 July 1961North Cambs Hosp WisbechTower Rd Friday Bridge05 July 1961B4Northern
A754PageBarbara Ann1618 August 1961North Cambs Hosp WisbechStrathmore Cottages Elm23 August 1961D14/15Northern
A755SmithHerbert7513 September 1961Bramley House Friday BridgeBramley House Friday Bridge18 September 1961B94Northern
A756BishopWilliam Joseph8308 September 19612 Church Rd Friday Bridge2 Church Rd Friday Bridge12 September 1961B9Southern
A757BaldingJanet Maureen2214 September 1961Addenbrookes Hosp10 Maltmas Drove Friday Bridge19 September 1961B9Northern
A758LawsGeorge William6803 October 1961Hardwick Hosp Kings LynnSmeeth Rd Emneth09 October 1961B84Northern
A759MacrowRose Emma7713 November 1961North Cambs Hosp WisbechMain Rd Friday Bridge16 November 1961B130Northern
A760SchultzIda Sophie8714 November 1961Chapel Lane EmnethChapel Lane Emneth18 November 1961B14Southern
A761SmithMaud7226 November 1961Bramley House Friday BridgeBramley House Friday Bridge29 November 1961B89Northern
A762HayesSarah Elizabeth8302 December 196133 Lynn Rd WisbechBegdale Elm06 December 1961B96Northern
A763HuntIvy Beales6230 January 1962EmnethEmneth03 February 1962A56Southern
A764LeveringtonJames William9010 February 196233 Lynn Rd WisbechNeedham House Friday Bridge14 February 1962B19Southern
A765BlissJames8719 February 196233 Lynn Rd WisbechCrewe House March Rd FB24 February 1962B173Northern
A766LeetEmma8026 February 1962The Haven Stitch Rd FBridgeThe Haven Stitch Rd FBridge01 March 1962B99Northern
A767WesleyRose7016 March 1962The Willow?   FulbourneFriday Bridge22 March 1962C117Southern
A768MewsEthel May7006 May 1962North Cambs Hosp WisbechLow Rd Elm10 May 1962B14Northern
A769WhitbyGeorge7824 August 196233 Lynn Rd WisbechChurch Grove Friday Bridge28 August 1962B124Northern
A770ShawHannah8411 October 196233 Lynn Rd WisbechWell End Friday Bridge16 October 1962B1Southern
A771DaveySydney6108 December 1962North Cambs Hosp WisbechLow Rd Elm11 December 1962B24Northern
A772SaundersEthel7215 December 196214 Wilberforce Rd Wisbech14 Wilberforce Rd Wisbech20 December 1962C108Southern
A773LaddsDorothy6322 January 19632 Bungalow Staggs Holt Elm2 Bungalow Staggs Holt Elm26 January 1963B74Northern
A774StoreyGrace Elizabeth4631 January 1963North Cambs Hosp WisbechLow Rd Elm04 February 1963B29Northern
A775StannardFred7213 February 196342 Tower Rd Friday Bridge42 Tower Rd Friday Bridge18 February 1963B66Southern
A776WarbyJenny7913 March 196333 Lynn Rd WisbechFriday Bridge16 March 1963A70Northern
A777BrightonBeatrice Annie6413 April 1963Addenbrookes Hosp11 Overstone Rd Coldham18 April 1963B69Northern
A778AustinArthur Dennis5019 April 1963Needham Bank Friday BridgeNeedham Bank Friday Bridge23 April 1963A68Northern
A779MasonBessaline8125 April 1963Laddus Drove Friday BridgeLaddus Drove Friday Bridge29 April 1963B24Southern
A780SingleterryRose6822 May 1963County Hospital Doddington11 Station Ave Murrow25 May 1963D46Northern
A780ADavey -Stillbornpar: GW & DB22 May 1963Bowthorpe Mat. Home WisbechBowthorpe Mat. Home Wisbech22/5/1964 ?
A781SmithGeorge5607/05/1964 ?Redhouse Farm WoodwaltonRedhouse Farm Woodwalton22/5/1965 ?C46Southern
A782CrawfordJames Arthur6212 July 196333 Lynn Rd WisbechAshtree farm Elm17 July 1963B34Southern
A782AWalkerGeorge Thomas7724 July 1963Kings Lynn HospitalSutton Bridge17 August 1963A47Northern
A783FrostLouisa8317 August 196333 Lynn Rd WisbechThe Stitch Friday Bridge21 August 1963B39Northern
A784FinchAmanda Jayne3 mnths14 September 196333 Tower Rd Friday Bridge33 Tower Rd Friday Bridge18 September 1963D7Northern
A785HarfordThomas Fred8802 December 196333 Lynn Rd WisbechRedmoor Cottage Friday Bridge06 December 1963B44Northern
A786BarnardJohn Robert7831 December 196333 Lynn Rd WisbechAllotment Cottages Elm30 January 1964B49Northern
A787RandallEva5914 January 1964North Cambs Hosp WisbechWaldersey Siding Elm18 January 1964B39Southern
A788DobneyGloria Annie6912 February 1964County Hospital DoddingtonElmwood Elm17 February 1964A58Northern
A789FollenMary8812 February 196433 Lynn Rd WisbechChurch Grove Elm15 February 1964A33Northern
A790NolanFrances Elizabeth7119 February 1964Begdale ElmBegdale Elm22 February 1964B98Southern
A791FisherHerbert6221 March 19646 Maltmas Drove Friday Bridge6 Maltmas Drove Friday Bridge25 March 1964B54Northern
A792RoseberryArthur Wilfred7725 April 1964“Arthnell” Fridaybridge Rd Elm“Arthnell” Fridaybridge Rd Elm29 April 1964B91Southern
A793CooperJohn Edward8724 June 1964EmnethCoronation Cot Elm High Rd27 June 1964B44Southern
A794WrightDouglas Roy2201 July 1964Memorial Hosp. Peterborough14 Tower Rd Friday Bridge07 July 1964B59Northern
A795BoothOliver Sylvester5202 July 196433 Lynn Rd WisbechGosmore Lane Elm06 July 1964B8Northern
A796ParkerEdna2 hours02 July 1964Bowthorpe Mat. Home WisbechCouncil Houses Gosmore Lane07 July 1964D10Northern
A797GriefHilda Amy6719 July 196416 Roseberry Rd Elm16 Roseberry Rd Elm19 July 1964B13Northern
A798HuntFlorence May7030 July 1964County Hospital Doddington4 Bunglow Low Rd Elm04 August 1964B18Northern
A799GreenKate7608 August 1964North Cambs Hosp WisbechFridaybridge Rd Elm12 August 1964B28Northern
A800HuntMaud7421 August 196433 Lynn Rd WisbechRutland Cottages Coldham25 August 1964B33Northern
A801SmithHarry7506 September 1964Laddus View Well End FBLaddus View Well End FB09 September 1964B88Northern
A802ToplisW5717 September 1964North Cambs Hosp WisbechBungalow Low Rd Elm22 September 1964B38Northern
A803AlcockEdith4021 September 196433 Lynn Rd Wisbech13 Church Rd Friday Bridge25 September 1964B43Northern
A804WhyattSally Honor Poole8526 September 196433 Lynn Rd WisbechWaldersey Elm30 September 1964B171Northern
A805ReeveHarold6107 October 196433 Lynn Rd WisbechGosmore lane Elm12 October 1964B53Northern
A806WestonHarriet Melinda8005 November 1964St James Hospital Kings LynnGuyhirn09 November 1964B58Northern
A807BishopHarriet8430 November 1964Barton Rd Hosp WisbechChurch Rd Friday Bridge03 December 1964B9Southern
A808SingletaryCornelius7510 December 1964Allotm’t Cot Fridaybridge Rd ElmAllotm’t Cot Fridaybridge Rd Elm15 December 1964B83Northern
A809AllisonMabel Isobell6224 January 1965Addenbrookes HospElm Rd Elm30 January 1965B67Southern
A810BarnardElizabeth Ann7301 February 196533 Lynn Rd Wisbech9 Maltmas Rd Friday Bridge05 February 1965B68Northern
A811RuffKate Elizabeth12 February 196547 Elizabeth Rd Skegness47 Elizabeth Rd Skegness24 February 1965A46Northern
A812SingletaryJohn William7705 March 196533 Lynn Rd WisbechFridaybridge Rd Elm09 March 1965B39Northern
A813WhiteBlanche Addine8708 March 196533 Lynn Rd WisbechChapel Lane Elm11 March 1965B168Northern
A814RawlingSarah Ann7407 May 19658 Roseberry Rd Elm8 Roseberry Rd Elm11 May 1965C115Southern
A815HallsLucy Hannah5224 August 1965North Cambs Hosp Wisbech10 Quaker Lane Wisbech28 August 1965B73Northern
A816HorsepoolGeorge7113 September 19655 Chapel Row Emneth5 Chapel Row Emneth16 September 1965C82Southern
A817BridgelandPeter John4224 September 1965North Cambs Hosp WisbechLimes Avenue Elm29 September 1965B92Northern
A818GrimmerConstance Evelyne4803 October 1965North Cambs Hosp Wisbech16 Ingle Rd Elm07 October 1965A61Northern
A819FlaggArthur Leonard5623 October 1965Caravan New Bridge Lane ElmCaravan New Bridge Lane Elm28 October 1965B3Northern
A820LogginsGladys Ivy5631 October 196533 Lynn Rd WisbechMolls Drove Friday Bridge03 November 1965B213Northern
A821SingletaryGrace7225 November 196533 Lynn Rd WisbechAllotment Cottages Elm29 November 1965B78Northern
A822GowlerMalcolm Ivan3405 January 196610 Tower Rd Friday Bridge10 Tower Rd Friday Bridge11 January 1966B55Southern
A823Blackmore -Stillbornpar:Raymond&Patricia27 February 1966Bowthorpe Mat. Home WisbechBeech Cot Fridaybridge Rd Elm05 March 1966D10Northern
A824OldfieldSidney01 April 1966Lincoln Square HunstantonLincoln Square Hunstanton06 April 1966A57Northern
A825BarnardLouisa8821 April 19661 Roseberry Rd Elm1 Roseberry Rd Elm26 April 1966B121Northern
A826GummerRose Mary7624 April 1966Church Rd LeveringtonChurch Rd Leverington28 April 1966B87Northern
A827LockDiane927 June 1966North Cambs Hosp WisbechRosedale Elm Bridge Elm01 July 1966D13Northern
A828DrewHerbert George5812 August 196633 Lynn Rd WisbechAlbany Cot. South Brink Wisbech16 August 1966B77Northern
A829WennEthel8527 November 196633 Lynn Rd Wisbech43 Tower Rd Friday Bridge01 December 1966B72Northern
A830DraycottIvy Beales5714 December 19667 Gosmore Lane Elm7 Gosmore Lane Elm19 December 1966B62Northern
A831EdgsonKevin Paul1 day21 December 1966Bowthorpe Mat. Hosp WisbechColletts Bridge Elm22 December 1966D1Northern
A832RumbelowJack Stanley3724 December 1966 doa:North Cambs Hos Wisbech19 Oldfield Avenue  Elm30 December 1966B57Northern
A833CooperJohn Charles Sydney5414 February 1967Coronation Cot Elm High Rd WisbCoronation Cot Elm High Rd Wisb17 February 1967B52Northern
A834NaylorMavis1 hour25 February 1967Bowthorpe Maternity Hosp WisbechStitch Rd Friday Bridge28 February 1967D5Northern
A835WhiteAlbert7527 February 1967North Cambs Hosp Wisbech35 Church Rd Friday Bridge03 March 1967B47Northern
A836WennKate Elizor8420 March 19677 Maltmas Rd Friday Bridge7 Maltmas Rd Friday Bridge23 March 1967B152Northern
A837PageAlbert Edward5503 April 1967North Cambs Hosp WisbechStrathmore Cottages Elm06 April 1967D11/12Northern
A838BoyceLouisa Elizabeth6915 April 196733 Lynn Rd Wisbech32 Duke St Wisbech19 April 1967B160Northern
A839LadellAlbert Percy7221 April 1967Begdale ElmBegdale Elm25 April 1967B42Northern
A840RoseArthur8122 April 19673 Gosmore Lane Elm3 Gosmore Lane Elm26 April 1967B54Southern
A841AustinArthur Charles8411 May 196733 Lynn Rd WisbechHolmwood Stitch Rd Elm15 May 1967A56Northern
A842OldroydHarriet9222 June 1967The Warrens LeveringtonThe Warrens Leverington26 June 1967B45Southern
A843WinnupGeorge Alfred8423 July 196733 Lynn Rd WisbechNr Post Office Elm26 July 1967B37Northern
A844BuckenhamGraham George Wm3023 August 19675 Oldfield Avenue Elm5 Oldfield Avenue Elm26 August 1967B32Northern
A845DeweyJohn Henry6602 September 196725 Tower Rd Friday Bridge25 Tower Rd Friday Bridge07 September 1967B27Northern
A846StarlingAlbert Cornelius7012 September 1967North Cambs Hosp Wisbech35 Church Rd Friday Bridge15 September 1967B22Southern
A847BaldockSarah Jane8620 September 19674 Bungalow Gosmore Lane Elm4 Bungalow Gosmore Lane Elm23 September 1967B177Northern
A848WebbCharles9220 September 196733 Lynn Rd WisbechFridaybridge Rd Elm27 September 1967B17Northern
A849TannHerbert6103 October 1967North Cambs Hosp WisbechBlack Horse PH Elm06 October 1967B12Northern
A850GidneyJesse William7307 October 1967Addenbrookes HospLow Rd Elm14 October 1967B7Northern
A851HousdenSidney Bernard6820 October 1967Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge25 October 1967B2Northern
A852SmithHannah8926 November 1967Barnards Cottages Friday BridgeBarnards Cottages Friday Bridge01 December 1967B193Northern
A853JefferiesCharles Ernest8625 December 196733 Lynn Rd WisbechLadus Drove Friday Bridge30 December 1967B60Southern
A854LooseHerbert William6712 February 1968North Cambs Hosp WisbechChurch Lane Elm15 February 1968B59Southern
A855MasonJohn8712 February 196833 Lynn Rd WisbechLadus Drove Friday Bridge16 February 1968B29Southern
A856DrewDorothy Barbara6016 February 1968North Cambs Hosp Wisbech6 Wales Bank Elm21 February 1968B3Southern
A857LaddsGeorge James6826 November 1967Stags Holt ElmStag Holt Elm30 November 1967B74Northern
A862CarterThomas8213 May 196833 Lynn Rd Wisbech343 Low Rd Elm15 May 1968D8/9Northern
A863MunroGeorge Joseph1709 August 1968doa: Kings Lynn HospitalStrathmore  Elm16 August 1968B8Southern
A864SmithJohn8622 August 1968Newmarket General HospitalHigh St Willburton27 August 1968B133Northern
A865WestonSamuel8630 September 1968Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge05 October 1968B58Northern
A866GrimmerGeorge9015 November 1968Church Rd LeveringtonChurch Rd Leverington20 November 1968B82Northern
A867BryantEllen6514 December 196833 Lynn Rd WisbechSpeedwell Cottages Elm20 December 1968B18Southern
A868SouthgateGeorge William6917 February 196933 Lynn Rd Wisbech8 Roseberry Rd Elm21 February 1969A66Northern
A869HorsepoolAgnes7205 March 1969Old Church Hospital RomfordChapel Row Emneth12 March 1969C82Southern
A870BeartCharles8307 March 196933 Lynn Rd WisbechMarch Rd Friday Bridge12 March 1969D45Northern
A871Lawes8213 April 196933 Lynn Rd WisbechMarch Rd Friday Bridge17 April 1969B28Southern
A872CrawfordOlive Maud6821 April 196922 Church Rd Friday Bridge22 Church Rd Friday Bridge25 April 1969B34Southern
A873GraySamantha Andrea S.3 mnths04 May 1969North Cambs Hosp Wisbech10 Overstone Rd Coldham08 May 1969D34Northern
A874RoperJames Arthur8011 May 196964 Mount Drive Wisbech64 Mount Drive Wisbech14 May 1969B65Northern
A875RammAlma Frances7623 May 196933 Lynn Rd WisbechWell End Friday Bridge27 May 1969C114Southern
A876BentonWilliam Alfred8118 July 1969North Cambs Hosp Wisbech3 Maltmas Rd Friday Bridge22 July 1969B100Northern
A877FrostStanley Samuel8016 August 1969The Firs Stitch Rd Friday BridgeThe Firs Stitch Rd Friday Bridge20 August 1969B39Northern
A878DickinsonWillis7314 September 19695 Ingle Rd Elm5 Ingle Rd Elm18 September 1969B33Southern
A879SmithBasil Arthur5009 October 1969Barnards Cot Well End Friday BridgeBarnards Cot Well End FBridge15 October 1969B43Southern
A880QuinceyEthel8303 September 1969North Cambs Hosp Wisbech3 Church Rd Friday Bridge08 November 1969B77Northern
A881HarveyRose Annie8002 November 196933 Lynn Rd Wisbech13 York Gardens Wisbech05 November 1969B114Northern
A882BarnardEthel May7811 December 196933 Lynn Rd Wisbech15 Limes Avenue Elm16 December 1969A60Northern
A883AbleAlice Amelia8218 December 1969Clenchwarton Kings LynnNr Post Office Elm22 December 1969B107Northern
A884CourtmanWalter8828 December 1969Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge02 January 1970B117Northern
A885RawlingSidney6928 December 19692 Council Houses Begdale Elm2 Council Houses Begdale Elm02 January 1970B53Southern
A886SimmonsJohn Henry8402 January 197033 Lynn Rd WisbechFridaybridge Rd Elm07 January 1970B58Southern
A887WellsGeorge Albert5827 December 1969North Cambs Hosp Wisbech2 Station Rd Coldham13 January 1970B45Northern
A888WennElizabeth8103 April 19708 Nursery Drive Wisbech8 Nursery Drive Wisbech08 April 1970B35Northern
A889BarnardLucy8102 May 1970Fulbourne Hosp CambridgeAllotment Cottages Friday Bridge07 May 1970B49Northern
A890ElseFlorence8521 May 197033 Lynn Rd Wisbech23 Church Rd Friday Bridge26 May 1970B2Southern
A891MewsWalter8208 June 1970Homedale Cottage Elm Homedale Cottage Elm 12 June 1970B14Northern
A892BaldockPamela Gertrude4617 June 1970Clarkson Hosp. 33 Lynn Rd Wisbech4 Bungalow Gosmore Lane Elm23 June 1970B7Southern
A893BoothFrances Murial6225 August 1970Fulbourne Hosp CambridgeSilverdale Gosmore Lane Elm29 August 1970B12Southern
A894BondRosetta7426 October 197015 Church Rd Friday Bridge15 Church Rd Friday Bridge30 October 1970B17Southern
A895BeartDoreen4429 October 197011 Tower Rd Friday Bridge11 Tower Rd Friday Bridge03 November 1970B27Southern
A896CraneMabel Edith6915 November 1970Hazledene Main Rd Friday BridgeHazledene Main Rd Friday Bridge19 November 1970B45Southern
A897GreenJohn William8207 December 197033 Lynn Rd Wisbech13 Roseberry Rd Elm11 December 1970B32Southern
A898CundyClara Ann8531 January 197133 Lynn Rd WisbechWell End Friday Bridge04 February 1971B55Northern
A899HolmesAlbert Henry5813 March 1971Fern Cottage Begdale ElmFern Cottage Begdale Elm18 March 1971B42Southern
A900NevePaul Richard23 mnths18 March 19712 The Wheelabout Elm2 The Wheelabout Elm25 March 1971B1Northern
A901LoughtonRosa7431 March 197133 Lynn Rd WisbechHolly Nook The Stitch Elm05 April 1971A59Southern
A902RoseLily Florence7230 April 197133 Lynn Rd Wisbech3 Bungalow Gosmoor Lane Elm05 May 1971B54Southern
A903ColtFrederick Albert6618 May 1971North Cambs Hosp WisbechColletts Bridge Elm21 May 1971B52Southern
A904HuntFrederick William4605 August 197133 Lynn Rd Wisbech7 Overstone Rd Coldham10 August 1971B57Southern
A905NeveRichard Peter2 days03 September 1971District Hospital Mat Unit Peterborough2 The Wheelabout Elm08 September 1971B1Northern
A906MerrillSusan8610 September 197133 Lynn Rd WisbechPear Tree House Main Rd FB16 September 1971B195Northern
A907WennAmbrose8012 October 197143 Tower Rd Friday Bridge43 Tower Rd Friday Bridge16 October 1971B72Northern
A908GedneyMaud7916 November 19717 Curston Close Low Rd Elm7 Curston Close Low Rd Elm18 November 1971B7Northern
A909GreenVictoria Louisa8401 January 197213 Grange Rd Peterborough13 Grange Rd Peterborough06 January 1972B37Southern
A910HuntJohn Thomas7019 January 197233 Lynn Rd Wisbech4 Bungalow Elm22 January 1972B23Northern
A911RoofeIvy Olive5706 February 1972North Cambs Hosp WisbechWaldersey House Cot Elm10 February 1972B22Northern
A912BrockGeorge William8107 March 19724 Council Houses Waldersey4 Council Houses Waldersey11 March 1972B1Southern
A913BoyceFlorence Sutterby7624 March 197233 Lynn Rd Wisbech32 Claremont Rd Wisbech28 March 1972B184Northern
A914PyeRuth7524 March 197233 Lynn Rd Wisbech3 Wales Bank Elm30 March 1972B10Northern
A915MerrillMargery5112 April 197233 Lynn Rd WisbechMarch Rd Friday Bridge15 April 1972B6Southern
A916RoseHerbert Arthur5029 April 1972North Cambs Hosp Wisbech3 Bungalow Gosmoor Lane Elm06 May 1972B64Southern
A917ElamDelphia Irene Vera6511 May 1972Redmoor Lane South BrinkRedmoor Lane South Brink15 May 1972B71Southern
A918NewtonDora7322 May 1972Nr Clock Friday BridgeNr Clock Friday Bridge26 May 1972A58Southern
A919BarrettEdith Annie3327 May 197233 Lynn Rd Wisbech5 Bungalow Gosmoor Lane Elm03 June 1972B206Northern
A920CundyRose6518 July 197211 Church Rd Friday Bridge11 Church Rd Friday Bridge21 July 1972B21Southern
A921MasonErnest Percy7520 August 197233 Lynn Rd WisbechMain Rd Friday Bridge24 August 1972B26Southern
A922BarnardWilliam Albert8028 September 197233 Lynn Rd Wisbech9 Maltmas Rd Friday Bridge03 October 1972B63Northern
A923LawesArthur8705 October 1972Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge10 October 1972B23Southern
A924RowlettReginald7208 October 197211 Roseberry Rd Elm11 Roseberry Rd Elm12 October 1972B31Southern
A925HanlonDenis John7319 October 197233 Lynn Rd Wisbech2 Church Rd Friday Bridge24 October 1972B36Southern
A926PalmerAgnes Maud8023 October 1972Chapel Lane EmnethChapel Lane Emneth27 October 1972A14Southern
A927SwainArthur William7605 November 1972Beech Cot Elm High Rd EmnethBeech Cot Elm High Rd Emneth09 November 1972B41Southern
A928SmithMabel8222 November 1972Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge27 November 1972B93Northern
A929BuntonPeter10 mnths04 December 1972West Norfolk & Kings Lynn Hospital13 Church Rd Friday Bridge09 December 1972D33Northern
A930WennWilfred Henry6423 December 1972Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm29 December 1972B46Southern
A931WoolnerCedric6829 December 1972Back Rd ElmBack Rd Elm04 January 1973A57Southern
A932SmithMichael Walter3111 January 1973Kirkham House Friday BridgeKirkham House Friday Bridge13 February 1973B51Southern
A933CundyEva6715 March 197333 Lynn Rd Wisbech13 Princes Rd Wisbech20 March 1973A39Southern
A934SmithFrederick9101 April 197333 Lynn Rd WisbechFriday Bridge Rd Elm06 April 1973A31Southern
A935WrightMabel Louisa7617 May 197333 Lynn Rd WisbechBegdale Elm21 May 1973B56Southern
A936MillingtonHarry7325 July 1973Back Rd ElmBack Rd Elm28 July 1973?91Northern
A937ClareyFrederick Bertie6928 July 1973West Norfolk & Kings Lynn HospitalBack Rd Friday Bridge03 August 1973B1Northern
A938KingEvelyn Ivy4906 August 197333 Lynn Rd Wisbech33 Church Rd Friday Bridge10 August 1973B11Northern
A939RushHannah Elizabeth9203 November 1973Kingswood Park March3 Curston Close Elm09 November 1974B117Northern
A940BarrettHerbert George8615 December 197333 Lynn Rd WisbechGosmoor Lane Elm21 December 1973B206Northern
A941BloyTom7523 December 197331 Kennedy Court Wisbech31 Kennedy Court Wisbech28 December 1973B16Northern
A942PellAlbert Edward5924 January 1974North Cambs Hosp WisbechThatched Barn Cottage Elm31 January 1974B21Northern
A943GrangeJohn7801 March 197433 Lynn Rd Wisbech15 Church Rd Friday Bridge07 March 1974B6Northern
A944VaughanGeorge Edward7003 March 1974Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge08 March 1974B26Northern
A945BristowDorothy Joyce3518 March 197429 Tower Rd Friday Bridge29 Tower Rd Friday Bridge21 March 1974B31Northern
A946CowlingEthel May7931 March 19748 Windmill St Whittlesey8 Windmill St Whittlesey04 April 1974B36Northern
A947HollandGeorge Henry6806 April 1974Addenbrookes Hosp16 Roseberry Rd Elm11 April 1974B41Northern
A948FreemmanEthel9228 April 1974Osbourne House WisbechOsbourne House Wisbech02 May 1974B46Northern
A949EmmersonLilian May7729 April 1974Clarkson Hospital Wisbech3 Lakenham Terrace Elm02 May 1974B86Northern
A950AllanRose Rebecca6002 May 1974St Peters Hosp Thorpe Rd PeterboroughRose Cot Main Rd Friday Bridge09 May 1974B51Northern
A951LoughtonHarry7908 August 19745 Acacia Grove  MarchThe Stitch Friday Bridge15 August 1974A51Southern
A952WatsonGeorge9309 September 197433 Lynn Rd Wisbech119 West End March13 September 1974C92Southern
A953BarkerEdith7416 September 197433 Lynn Rd WisbechMillway The Stitch Friday Bridge21 September 1974B56Northern
A954HousdenEllen Mable8723 September 1974St Mary’s Hosp Colchester90 London Rd Stanway Colch’r27 September 1974B1Northern
A955DobneyCharles8110 October 1974North Cambs Hosp WisbechElmwood Elm15 October 1974A67Northern
A956CroftWallace4718 October 1974County Hospital DoddingtonNeedham Lodge Friday Bridge25 October 1974B81Northern
A957BarkerErnest William8423 October 1974District Hospital PeterboroughMillway The Stitch Friday Bridge02 November 1974B56Northern
A958MoatAlec Roy4004 November 1974North Cambs Hosp Wisbech14 Limes Avenue Elm06 November 1974B61Northern
A959YardyMuriel Irene7710 November 19742 Overstone Rd Coldham2 Overstone Rd Coldham12 November 1974B66Southern
A960VallowThomas8617 November 197433 Lynn Rd WisbechWell End Friday Bridge21 November 1974B76Northern
A961GowlerGeorge Edward8323 November 197433 Lynn Rd WisbechGlenfield House Wisbech28 November 1974A61Southern
A962StanleyJohn8930 November 197433 Lynn Rd WisbechRed Gables The Stitch FBridge06 December 1974B66Northern
A963NunnAnnie Elizabeth9519 January 197533 Lynn Rd WisbechEdmundsbury The Stitch Elm24 January 1975A41Northern
A964EastoeSarah Ann9606 February 1975Redroofs Wales Bank ElmRedroofs Wales Bank Elm12 February 1975B188Northern
A965CottKathleen Elizabeth7427 February 197533 Lynn Rd WisbechGosmoor Lane Elm05 March 1975B148Northern
A966WesternBertha Maud Mary8313 March 197533 Lynn Rd Wisbech5 Church Rd Friday Bridge18 March 1975C95Southern
B1MaddocksCyril7522 February 197533 Lynn Rd Wisbech20 Tower Rd Friday Bridge28 February 1975A27Northern
B2BarnardIvy7307 March 19753 Rose Lane Elm3 Rose Lane Elm12 March 1975A36Northern
B4Saunders?Hazel  Melinda5719 April 197511 Barnards Cot Well End Friday Bridge11 Barnards Cot Well End FB24 April 1975A45Northern
B5AllenWilliam8610 May 197533 Lynn Rd WisbechNr Post Office Elm14 May 1975A62Southern
B6CampbellWilliam7312 May 1975Emneth27 Elmfield Drive Elm15 May 1975A54Northern
B7PellArthur Edward6321 May 1975North Cambs Hosp WisbechBroadend Walsoken27 May 1975A72Northern
B8FisherLilian Alice7201 June 197533 Lynn Rd Wisbech7 Ingle Rd Elm05 June 1975B54Northern
B9BondGeorge William5609 June 1975Greaves Cot  Begadale ElmGreaves Cot Begdale Elm13 June 1975A90Northern
B10SmithSusan Beverley1317 June 1975Queens Girls School  WisbechBullards Farm Laddus Drove Elm25 June 1975A99Northern
B11VallowEllen Elizabeth8220 July 1975Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge24 July 1975B71Northern
B12VaughanFaith6012 August 1975Well End Friday BridgeWell End Friday Bridge15 August 1975B26Northern
B13BloyEmily Grace7916 August 1975Clarkson Hospital Wisbech31 Kennedy Court Wisbech20 August 1975B16Northern
B14TannBeatrice Eleanor May6321 September 1975North Cambs Hosp Wisbech“The Black Horse” Elm25 September 1975B12Northern
B15BuntingRobert Edward6322 October 197529 Crooked Bank Elm29 Crooked Bank Elm27 October 1975A117Northern
B16ThrowerSheila Mary3105 January 1976Holbeach Hospital HolbeachHovendon House Fleet Holbeach15 January 1976B45Northern
B17SmithJeannah Elizabeth8206 February 197633 Lynn Rd Wisbech27 Tower Rd Friday Bridge11 February 1976A53Northern
B18BryanGrace9810 March 1976“Three Ways” 1 Elmfield Drive Elm“Three Ways” 1 Elmfield Drive Elm16 March 1976A136Northern
B19MerrellJohn Robert6912 April 197619 Millway Friday Bridge19 Millway Friday Bridge17 April 1976B72Southern
B20WellsAbraham9104 March 19767 Church Rd Friday Bridge7 Church Rd Friday Bridge17 April 1976B45Northern
B21BatesBetsy9222 April 197633 Lynn Rd Wisbech“Burmah” Well End Friday Bridge27 April 1976A30Northern
B22BentleySusannah9116 June 1976General Hosp Kings Lynn7 Boyden Court Wisbech23 June 1976B122Northern
B23NewtonThomas Stanley7706 June 197633 Lynn Rd WisbechNr ClockTower Friday Bridge19 July 1976A58Northern
B24HolmesSusannah Ida Louisa7219 July 1976Osbourne House WalsokenOsbourne House Walsoken23 July 1976A127Northern
B25OldfieldAgnes Mary7630 August 1976Clarkson Hospital WisbechThe Dale Begdale Elm03 September 1976A65Northern
B26GowlerEdith May8502 September 1976Clarkson Hospital WisbechBegdale Elm07 September 1976A154Northern
B27AustinAnnie Elizabeth9121 September 1976Osborn House Wisbech“Holmwood” The  Stitch FB24 September 1976A64Northern
B28WarbyGeorge William7722 September 1976Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm25 September 1976B63Northern
B29SmithUrsula Mary6723 September 1976Kirkham House Friday BridgeKirkham House Friday Bridge30 September 1976A173Northern
B30SmithJames William7320 November 197616 The Dale Begdale Elm16 The Dale Begdale Elm27 November 1976A191Northern
B31HuntWalter Horace7822 December 1976Clarkson Hospital WisbechGlenborne Elm29 December 1976A64Northern
B32WennJack6301 January 1977March Rd Friday BridgeMarch Rd Friday Bridge06 January 1977A26Northern
B33DayCharles William8119 January 1977Clarkson Hospital Wisbech2 The Bungalows Coldham25 January 1977A201Northern
B34WhiteArthur Amos6105 March 197722 Ladys Drove Emneth22 Ladys Drove Emneth11 March 1977A182Northern
B35DjedgnkoFjedor8304 March 1977Friday BridgeAgriculural Camp Friday Bridge12 March 1977A44Northern
B36CarterEdward George5216 May 1977Clarkson Hospital WisbechWolf Lane Court Leverington Com20 May 1977A80Northern
B37LawesFrances May6224 May 1977North Cambs Hosp Wisbech22 Tower Rd Friday Bridge28 May 1977A53Northern
B38TegerdinePaul3925 May 1977West Norfolk & Kings Lynn HospitalFlorence House Friday Bridge02 June 1977A107Northern
B39BondReginald Hugh8413 July 197715 Church Road Friday Bridge15 Church Road Friday Bridge18 July 1977B17Southern
B40KingArchie Harold5216 August 197733 Church Rd Friday Bridge33 Church Rd Friday Bridge22 August 1977B11Northern
B41LoughtonJames9030 August 1977Clarkson Hospital WisbechWell End Friday Bridge03 September 1977D34Northern
B42CarterDaisy Ellen8907 September 1977District Hospital Peterborough2 Strathmore Cottages Elm14 September 1977D8/9Northern
B43TingayClare8404 October 1977Clarkson Hospital Wisbech3 Church Rd Friday Bridge08 October 1977B85Northern
B44BrightonSidney B8206 November 197714 Wood St Doddington6 Station Road Coldham10 November 1977B69Northern
B45BlissBernard Aubrey6925 December 1977Crewe House March Rd Friday BridgeCrewe House March Rd FBridge30 December 1977A116Northern
B46ReeveArthur8312 January 1978Clarkson Hospital Wisbeh16 Onyx Court Wisbech18 January 1978A126Northern
B47GirdlestoneElonia Mary7929 January 1978Clarkson Hospital Wisbech5 Well End Friday Bridge08 February 1978A135Northern
B48DickersonElaine7016 February 19785 Ingle Road Elm5 Ingle Road Elm21 February 1978B33Southern
B49WatsonChristopher8025 February 1978Clarkson Hospital Wisbech1 Church Grove Elm02 March 1978A144Northern
B50DyeAlice Agnes7930 April 197838 Elm High Rd Wisbech38 Elm High Rd Wisbech05 May 1978A153Northern
B51SmithEmily Louise7620 May 1978The Dale Begdale ElmThe Dale Begdale Elm25 May 1978A191Northern
B52JeffriesGeorge William7521 May 1978Clarkson Hospital WisbechTop Laddus Farm Friday Bridge27 May 1978A162Northern
B53JeffriesGeorge Raymond4826 May 1978Top Laddus Farm Friday BridgeTop Laddus Farm Friday Bridge30 May 1978A172Northern
B54SooleyGertrude Sarah Jane8227 May 1978North Cambs Hosp Wisbech10 The Wroe Emneth19 June 1978A34Southern
B55WrightPhyllis Maud6113 June 1978Clarkson Hospital Wisbech14 Tower Rd Friday Bridge21 June 1978B59Northern
B56EmersonJohn8308 July 1978Clarkson Hospital Wisbech3 Lakenham Tce Elm Low Rd Elm14 July 1978B86Northern
B57MashamSidney8220 July 1978North Cambs Hosp Wisbech5 Onyx Court Wisbech26 July 1978A181Northern
B58SmithJohn Thomas8208 August 1978Clarkson Hospital WisbechKirkham House Friday Bridge14 August 1978A163Northern
B59DeweyElizabeth8012 August 1978Clarkson Hospital Wisbech25 Tower Rd Friday Bridge17 August 1978B27Northern
B60WhiteAnnie Mary8228 September 197835 Church Rd Friday Bridge35 Church Rd Friday Bridge04 October 1978B47Northern
B61WennPhilip Gordon5520 October 197816 Church Rd Friday Bridge16 Church Rd Friday Bridge25 October 1978A190Northern
B62ThomasStanley George6130 October 1978Elm Low Road ElmElm Low Road Elm02 November 1978A200Northern
B63ThorpeEmma Jane7506 February 1979Kings Lynn Hospital1 Ingle Road Elm15 February 1979B76Southern
B64StebbingsJoseph7808 March 1979Clarkson Hospital Wisbech19 Lime Avenue Elm14 March 1979A199Northern
B65SouthgateMargaret Dorothy 7920 May 1979Clarkson Hospital Wisbech1 The Dale Begdale24 May 1979A66Northern
B66BaldockJack6912 June 19793 Church Rd Friday Bridge3 Church Rd Friday Bridge19 June 1979A180Northern
B67WhiteGeorge Leonard8018 June 1979Clarkson Hospital WisbechIvy Cottage High Rd Elm25 June 1979A171Northern
B68GayleSusan Tilsey1922 August 1979Wilkins Road EmnethPolice House Birch Grove Elm28 August 1979A161Northern
B69ChapmanLouisa May8728 August 1979Clarkson Hospital Wisbech4 Council Houses Waldersey Sdgs31 August 1979B1Southern
B70CarterWalter7623 September 19795 Curston Close Elm5 Curston Close Elm27 September 1979A98Northern
B71BarnardJack5304 November 19794 Rutland Cottage Coldham4 Rutland Cottage Coldham17 November 1979A62Northern
B72WilsonArthur Leonard8118 December 1979Clarkson Hospital WisbechMagazine Lane Wisbech21 December 1979A189Northern
B73ShepherdJohn Thomas9126 December 1979Haughley StowmarketCherry Willows Well End FB02 January 1980A152Northern
B74BristonOlive Mary Gilby6804 January 19805 Wales Bank Elm5 Wales Bank Elm11 January 1980A143Northern
B75StaffordAlbert Edward7712 May 1980District General Hosp Kings Lynn2 Rose Cottages Low Road Elm16 May 1980A134Northern
B76BarberMahala May7706 June 1980Clarkson Hospital Wisbech91 Elm High Road Elm11 June 1980A125Northern
B77BarnardRichard Lloyd8518 June 19803 Rose Lane Elm3 Rose lane Elm24 June 1980A36Northern
B78MillingtonElizabeth Adelaide8102 August 1980Clarkson Hospital WisbechBack Road Elm06 August 1980A91Northern
B79HayterWilliam Alfred7122 November 198035 Woodgate Rd Leverington35 Woodgate Rd Leverington27 November 1980A115Northern
B80ReamFlorence Emma6801 December 1980Addenbrookes HospitalBank House Needham Bank FB08 December 1980A106Northern
B81WennNoel Primrose7030 November 198027 Tower Rd Friday Bridge27 Tower Rd Friday Bridge08 December 1980A108Northern
B82ReadLeslie Hugh6425 November 1980Elm Low Road ElmWheelabout Main Rd Elm17 December 1980B1Northern
B83BatesFrancis Bernard7522 December 1980Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Church Road Friday Bridge29 December 1980A97Northern
B84DyeFrank8010 March 198138 Elm High Road Wisbech38 Elm High Road Wisbech13 March 1981A153Northern
B85WilsonEva May8212 June 1981Satis Magazine Lane WisbechSatis Magazine Lane Wisbech18 June 1981A189Northern
B86RoperEmily Jennings8822 June 198164 Mount Drive Wisbech64 Mount Drive Wisbech26 June 1981B65Northern
B87DaleBernard William3906 July 1981Addenbrookes Hospital20 Church Rd Friday Bridge10 July 1981A88Northern
B88PellJohn William7603 September 1981Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnApple Tree House Begdale Elm08 September 1981A79Northern
B89TegerdineGeorge Henry7616 September 1981Thorney Road Guyhirn3 March Road Friday Bridge24 September 1981A46Northern
B90TegerdineGladys7216 September 1981Peterborough District Hospital3 March Road Friday Bridge24 September 1981A46Northern
B91HillsReginald6123 October 1981North Cambs Hosp WisbechWales Bank Elm28 October 1981A45ANorthern
B92WardLeslie George7511 December 19812 Queens Drive Friday Bridge2 Queens Drive Friday Bridge16 December 1981A44ANorthern
B93CowlingJohn William8116 December 1981District Hospital Peterborough8 Windmill St Whittlesey22 December 1981B36Northern
B94PorterCharles Eric7118 December 1981160 Elm High Road Emneth160 Elm High Road Emneth23 December 1981A42Northern
B95DaveyEthel7926 December 1981Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn9 Ingle Road Elm30 December 1981B24Northern
B96ElseLillie May8612 January 1982334 Low Road Elm334 Low Road Elm22 January 1982A34/35Southern
B97SleathMargaret Dorothy 7421 February 1982North Cambs Hosp WisbechThe Bridge Inn Friday Bridge25 February 1982A61Northern
B98GreevesJack7322 February 1982Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn6 Curston Close Elm27 February 1982A62ANorthern
B99GreenJohn Henry8824 March 1982Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn5 Ingle Road Elm30 March 1982A63ANorthern
B100BuckenhamCharley8001 June 1982North Cambs Hosp Wisbech32 Milner Road Wisbech09 June 1982A64Northern
B101ReeveClara Elizabeth9225 July 1982Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn16 Onyx Court Wisbech30 July 1982A126Northern
B102DayJames Henry8618 August 19826 Church Road Friday Bridge6 Church Road Friday Bridge23 August 1982A188Northern
B103FreemanOlive Ada8128 August 1982Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnBurman Hse TerringtonStClement03 September 1982C78Southern
B104KiddElizabeth10115 September 1982County Hospital Doddington56 Highfield Road March20 September 1982B210Northern
B105SayerMary Ann7324 September 19825 Ingle Road Elm5 Ingle Road Elm30 September 1982A65Northern
B106StubbingsHarold Victor6301 November 19829 Ingle Road Elm9 Ingle Road Elm05 November 1982A66Northern
B107KingRose Ellen7928 November 198212 Roseberry Road Elm12 Roseberry Road Elm09 December 1982B11Northern
B108GirdlestoneWalter Albert7817 December 1982Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn5 Well End Friday Bridge22 December 1982A135Northern
B109GowlerJohn Thomas8915 December 1982North Cambs Hosp WisbechMoney Bank Wisbech20 December 1982A145Northern
B110NurseErnest James7724 January 19834 Hanchant Court Wisbech4 Hanchant Court Wisbech03 February 1983A31Northern
B111MashamElsie May7910 February 1983North Cambs Hosp Wisbech5 Onyx Court Wisbech16 February 1983A181Northern
B112WhiteFrank Joseph7515 February 19838 Maltmas Drove Friday Bridge8 Maltmas Drove Friday Bridge21 February 1983A68Northern
B113PutterillJohn Thomas8323 March 1983High Haven Downham MarketHigh Haven Downham Market28 March 1983A69Northern
B114HolmanEdith May6326 March 1983Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnWestwood Back Road Gorefield31 March 1983A70Northern
B115SleathHerbert7524 May 1983North Cambs Hosp WisbechHolly Cottage Gosmoor Lane Elm27 May 1983A61Northern
B116ChapmanHerbert James6409 June 1983Friday Bridge Road ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm16 June 1983A71Northern
B117BatesAlbert7817 June 19835 Belt Drove Begdale Elm5 Belt Drove Begdale Elm23 June 1983A72Northern
B118DrewHarold8628 June 1983Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn7 The Dale Begdale Elm01 July 1983B3Southern
B119AustinMay7113 July 1983Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnBegdale Road Elm19 July 1983A74Northern
B120KingLeonard Septimus8117 July 198312 Roseberry Road Elm12 Roseberry Road Elm29 July 1983B11Northern
B121BiggsPhyllis Emily7014 September 1983Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn64 Mount Drive Wisbech20 September 198377Northern
B122LawesArthur Edward7330 November 1983North Cambs Hosp Wisbech22 Tower Rd Friday Bridge03 December 1983A62Northern
B123WarrinerEllen May8109 December 1983North Cambs Hosp WisbechThe Dale Elm15 December 1983B110Northern
B124WatsonPearl Audrey5606 January 198444 Weasenham Lane Wisbech44 Weasenham Lane Wisbech11 January 1984A76Northern
B125AdamsFrancis Ronald7902 February 1984Wales Bank ElmWales Bank Elm08 February 1984A98Northern
B126MackmanRose Ada8303 March 198411 Ingle Road Elm11 Ingle Road Elm12 March 1984B35Southern
B127RobertsEdith May8627 March 1984North Cambs Hosp WisbechNeedham Bank Friday Bridge31 March 1984B83Northern
B128RoofeGeorge Leslie7801 May 1984Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnWoodlands Wooton Kings Lynn05 May 1984B22Northern
B129HillsMichael John3625 May 1984Deptfords Farm Laddus Drove FBDeptfords Farm Laddus Drove FB05/05/1984 ?A97Northern
B130AustinJohn Robert7810 July 1984Pembury Hosp Tunbridge WellsPembury Hosp Tunbridge Wells18 July 1984A73Northern
B131EdgeleyHarold Arthur7506 August 1984North Cambs Hosp WisbechThe Cottage March Rd FB10 August 1984A95Northern
B132EastolStanley William7915 August 1984Redmoor Cottage ElmRedmoor Cottage Elm20 August 1984A93Northern
B133GrayHilda7523 August 1984Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn“Tun-Wells” Low Road Elm30 August 1984A92Northern
B134MasonFrances Hannah6820 September 19848 Gosmoor Lane Elm8 Gosmoor Lane Elm25 September 1984A91Northern
B135BristonWilliam Arthur7926 October 19845 Wales Bank Elm5 Wales Bank Elm03 November 1984A143Northern
B136SingletaryMabel May9202 December 1984Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn18 The Dale Begdale Rd Elm06 December 1984B39Northern
B137MillsRaymond John3716 January 1985St Mary’s Hosp Paddington London“Ray-Max” March Rd FB30 January 1985A50Southern
B138LongGeorgina9306 February 1985Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn3 The Dale Elm12 February 1985B103Southern
B139WarbyHenry Albert6224 February 1985Norfolk & Norwich Hosp NorwichWestwyns Birch Grove Elm01 March 1985B201Southern
B140AustinHorace George7727 April 1985Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm02 May 1985A89ANorthern
B141SmithAlbert James6902 May 1985Needham Farm Well End Friday BridgeNeedham Farm Well End FBridge13 May 1985C62Southern
B142HuntEthel Mary9215 May 19844 Hawkins Drive Wisbech4 Hawkins Drive Wisbech21 May 1984
B143JonesTimothy David B2201 September 1985Church End Parson DroveThe Stores Main Road Elm03 September 1985A88ANorthern
B144WesternRupert Abraham6728 September 1985Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnIona Villa Main Rd Friday Bridge03 October 1985C44Southern
B145AndrewsJoyce Elizabeth4424 November 19851 Union Cottages Coldham1 Union Cottages Coldham28 November 1985A87Northern
B146SnowdenMay8429 December 1985Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn14 The Dale Begdale Rd Elm04 January 1986A86Northern
B147AllenFlorence Elizabeth9520 January 1986Glennfield House Money Bank WisbechGlennfield House Money Bank Wisb24 January 1986A85Northern
B148DodsonDoris Alice7701 February 198625 Onyx Court WisbechNorth Cambs Hosp Wisbech06 February 1986A84Northern
B149LinfordMartha10121 February 1986Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm28 February 1986A17Northern
B150RoseberryGrace Ellen9413 March 1986North Cambs Hosp Wisbech“Arthnell” Fridaybridge Rd Elm22 March 1986B100Southern
B151GrangeBenjamine8207 April 198615 Church Road Friday Bridge15 Church Road Friday Bridge15 April 1986B6Northern
B152SaundersCyril Alexander7114 April 1986Barnards Cot Well End Friday BridgeBarnards Cot Well End FBridge22 April 1986A45Northern
B153KnightStanley7114 May 1986High Street March26 All Saints Close Elm22 May 1986A83Northern
B154NichollsGeorge Charles6520 May 198650 Seagate Rd Hunstanton50 Seagate Rd Hunstanton24 May 1986A82Northern
B155HarrimanPhyllis4618 June 198689 Westgate Hunstantonprev: 2 Queens Drive FB23 June 1986A81ANorthern
B156BallantyneMary7204 July 1986Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn18 Oldfield Avenue Elm16 July 1986B204Southern
B157ColeNelson Horace8816 July 1986North Cambs Hosp Wisbech16 Onyx Court Wisbech23 July 1986B205Southern
B158MayAlice9131 July 1986Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm05 August 1986B206Southern
B159LadellEric Albert5521 October 1986Packing Sheds Begdale Rd ElmBrookfield Begdale Rd Elm29 October 1986B207Southern
B160LawsEdith May9202 December 1986Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm08 December 1986B84Northern
B161HollandIvy Louisa8130 January 1987North Cambs Hosp Wisbech16 Roseberry Rd Elm06 February 1987B41Northern
B162CarterAlice Ann8404 February 1987County Hospital Doddington31 Hallcroft Rd Whittlesey10 February 1987A89Northern
B163ChapmanBeatrice9218 March 1987Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnBottom House Colletts Br Lane Elm25 March 1987B40Southern
B164WesternDora Florence6218 March 1987Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn40 Queens Drive Friday Bridge27 March 1987C44Southern
B165SewellJohn Robert7623 April 1987Mond Villa Low Road ElmMond Villa Low Rd Elm29 April 1987B209Southern
B166WrightClifford Edward6625 April 1987Begdale Road ElmBegdale Road Elm01 May 1987B212Southern
B167WhiteFlorrie Elizabeth7505 May 1987Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn48 The Stitch Friday Bridge13 May 1987B214Southern
B168PeacockIda Doreen5504 May 198760 Belvior Way Welland Est Peterboro’60 Belvior Way Welland Est P/boro’14 May 1987B24Northern
B169HartBrenda Pearl5508 June 1987Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn56 Weasenham Lane Wisbech15 June 1987B227Southern
B170GrayGeorge6026 June 1987Memorial Hosp Peterborough2 Patricks Cotts Thorney Toll02 July 1987B210Southern
B171TilneyKathleen Diana7321 August 1987North Cambs Hosp WisbechMarston House Main Rd Elm01 September 1987B215Southern
B172LoughtonAlbert8302 December 1986Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnFiveways Main Rd Friday Bridge10 October 19871G of R
B173WatsonViolet Mary7608 October 1987Osborn House Kirkgate St Wisbech1 Church Grove Elm14 October 1987A144Northern
B174CrowsonJoanna Nadine1 day21 October 1987Summerfield March Rd Friday BridgeQueen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn27 October 1987B216Southern
B175PenfoldAlbert Frank8715 December 1987Sibertswold Main Rd ElmSibertswold Main Rd Elm21 December 1987B219Southern
B176WrightJohn William7128 December 1987Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnFriday Bridge Rd Elm05 January 1988B220Southern
B177KaneEsther7408 January 1988Oldfield House Friday Bridge Rd ElmOldfield House FBridge Rd Elm14 January 1988B221Southern
B178CundyThomas Isaac8108 February 198811 Church Rd Friday Bridge11 Church Rd Friday Bridge16 February 1988B16Southern
B179RandellArthur Redvers26 March 1988North Cambs Hosp WisbechFenland View Waldersea FB02 April 1988B222Southern
B180WellsRuby6923 March 1988Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn39 Tower Road Friday Bridge05 April 1988B45Northern
B181HayterIrene7022 April 1988Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn35 Woodgate Rd Leverington29 April 1988A115Northern
B182JeffriesDora Mary8609 June 1988Top Laddus Farm Friday BridgeTop Laddus Farm Friday Bridge14 June 1988A162Northern
B183WoolnerViolet Christeen8101 August 1988Windy Ridge Back Road ElmWindy Ridge Back Road Elm05 August 1988A57Southern
B184LeetGladys Mary7205 August 1988Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnRedmoor Farm Friday Bridge10 August 1988B98Northern
B185HousdenIvy7822 August 1988Sheldeen Home Main Rd Friday BridgeSheldeen Home Main Rd FBridge27 August 1988B2Northern
B186NeveElsie7622 August 1988North Cambs Hosp WisbechNevane Gosmoor Lane Elm06 September 19882G of R
B187HammondRose Evelyn7024 August 1988Holly Cot Well End Friday BridgeHolly Cot Well End Friday Bridge07 September 19883G of R
B188ClarkJames5228 September 1988RAF Hospital Ely29 Newbridge Lane C’van Site Elm06 October 1988C266Southern
B189SayerErnest Alfred8108 December 19885 Ingle Road Elm5 Ingle Road Elm13 December 1988A65Northern
B190LakeyLouis William6218 October 198811 Oldfield Avenue Elm11 Oldfield Avenue Elm11 February 1989B75Southern
B191SooleyBetty6513 March 1989Hollies OP Home Avenue Rd HunstantonHollies OP Home Hunstanton04 April 1989A35Southern
B192SmitheeIrene6623 February 1989334 Low Road Elm334 Low Road Elm04 April 1989A35Southern
B193HathawayAlbert edward6729 April 1989Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn3 Rose Lane Elm05 May 1989B223Southern
B194CundyBrian4703 May 198925 Church Road Friday Bridge25 Church Road Friday Bridge09 May 1989B224Southern
B195BatesGladys Irene May8030 May 19894 Church Road Friday BridgeNorth Cambs Hosp Wisbech02 June 1989A97Northern
B196WestbrookOlive8321 July 198942 Robingoodfellows Road March42 Robingoodfellows Road March27 July 1989B228Southern
B197HopkinsGeorgina Kathleen4304 August 19894 Jew House Cot Belt Drove Elm4 Jew House Cot Belt Drove Elm11 August 1989B230Southern
B198PagePhyllis Maud7506 September 1989Surgery 7 North Brink Wisbech2 Strathmore Cottages Elm14 September 1989D11Northern
B199GarrodFrederick8520 September 1989West Norwich Hospital110 Osborne Road Wisbech27 September 1989B232Southern
B200LeadbeaterFrederick7114 September 1989“Russ-Royd” Begdale Rd Elm“Russ-Royd” Begdale Rd Elm06 October 19894G of R
B201GrimmerEdward Richard7704 November 1989North Cambs Hosp Wisbech39 Falklands Drive Wisbech13 November 1989A61Northern
B202EdgeleyNora Maisie6909 November 1989North Cambs Hosp Wisbech15 Onyx Court Wisbech15 November 1989A95Northern
B203DeweyPeter Malcolm6321 November 198911 Limes Avenue Elm11 Limes Avenue Elm29 November 19895G of R
B204MasonWalter William8614 December 19898 Gosmoor Lane Elm8 Gosmoor Lane Elm20 December 1989A91Northern
B205AustinFrances Joyce8118 December 1989North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge22 December 1989A90ANorthern
B206LakeyNora Violetta8702 December 198911 Oldfield Avenue Elm11 Oldfield Avenue Elm12 January 1990B75Southern
B207WarbyEna Margaret7327 January 1990North Cambs Hosp Wisbech“Georgina” Needham Bank FB02 February 1990B234Southern
B208WarbyGeorge Arthur8006 February 1990The Limes Main Rd Friday Bridge“Georgina” Needham Bank FB09 February 1990B233Southern
B209BondReginald Hugh6621 September 1988Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Prospect Place Wisbech30 September 1988B17Southern
B210BatesSidney8205 March 199018 Tower Road Friday Bridge18 Tower Road Friday Bridge12 March 1990B235Southern
B211DreweryDeborah2411 March 199020 Church Road Emneth20 Church Road Emneth19 March 1990C62Southern
B212BaldingIvy Miriam8022 May 1990North Cambs Hosp Wisbech10 Maltmas Drove Friday Bridge30 May 1990B236Southern
B213HanlonFlorence Louisa8831 May 1990Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm06 June 1990B36Southern
B214DeaconDavid William7714 April 19904 Church Grove Elm4 Church Grove Elm06 June 19906G of R
B215ClareyHilda8404 June 1990North Cambs Hosp Wisbech1 Church Road Friday Bridge18 June 1990B1Northern
B216CormackEdward7006 June 1990Aberdeen Royal Infirmary1 Duncan Ave Fochabers Scotland15 June 1990B225Southern
B217PellEmily Elizabeth8227 July 1990North Cambs Hosp WisbechAppletree House Begdale Rd Elm01 August 1990A79Northern
B218HammondVictor Allan7507 May 1990Kings Lynn FC Ground The Walks KLHolly Cot Well End Friday Bridge06 September 19903G of R
B219JacksonPhyllis Mary6715 September 1990North Cambs Hosp Wisbech10 Roseberry Road Elm21 September 1990B238Southern
B220PhillipsStanley Frederick7514 November 199020 Ingle Road Elm20 Ingle Road Elm10 December 19907G of R
B221SymondsHerbert6516 December 1990Addenbrookes Hospital5 Overstone Road Coldham21 December 1990B239Southern
B222RawlingMargaret8917 February 1991Lyncroft Nursing Home Clarkson Ave Wis2 Belt Drove Elm21 February 1991B53Southern
B223RuffMaggie7722 February 1991Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn1 Roseberry Road Elm28 February 1991B240Southern
B224ElamFrank8506 March 1991North Cambs Hosp WisbechRedmoor Lane South Brink Elm20 March 1991B11Southern
B225ReamEric Hugh7718 April 199150 Grounds Avenue MarchBank House Needham Bank FB26 April 1991A106Northern
B226FrenchJohn Joseph6205 May 1991James Paget Hosp Gorleston7 Oldfield Avenue Elm13 May 1991B241Southern
B227GrayMaurice6613 May 1991GorefieldRingers Lodge Mill Rd Murrow20 May 1991C269Southern
B228CundyJack Ronald6605 June 199115 Waverley Close Guyhirn15 Waverley Close Guyhirn11 June 1991B242Southern
B229DannTheresa Sheila4127 June 1991Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn12 Ecton Drive Elm05 July 1991B243Southern
B230EggettSusan3228 June 1991Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnBungalow Chapel Lane Emneth04 July 1991B251Southern
B231VallowDoris Valentine6410 July 199136 Norwich Road Wisbech36 Norwich Road Wisbech15 July 1991B252Southern
B232ChurchEdith Ellen8111 July 1991North Cambs Hosp Wisbech4 Jew House Cot Waldersea FB16 July 1991B231Southern
B233MasonWalter Robert4813 August 199161 Hazel Gardens Wisbech61 Hazel Gardens Wisbech19 August 1991B244Southern
B234WallaceFrederick William A7626 August 1991Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnNeedham Hall Farm Bungalow FB03 September 1991B245Southern
B235SmithSonny WalterSB02 November 1991Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnTurf End Murrow08 November 1991B217Southern
B236GiddinsAlbert Samuel7411 December 19916 Roseberry Road Elm6 Roseberry Road Elm16 December 1991B247Southern
B237GreevesDorothy Lucy7918 December 1991North Cambs Hosp Wisbech6 Curston Close Elm24 December 1991A62ANorthern
B238WagstaffPeter Robert4621 December 1991Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn29 Sandringham Ave Wisbech30 December 1991B254Southern
B239StoreyBrenda Mary6218 December 19913 Hughenden Drive Leicester3 Hughenden Drive Leicester27 January 1992B248Southern
B240KnightJoseph7404 February 1992Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnJasmin Low Road Elm10 February 1992B249Southern
B241HurstIvy May7829 March 1992109 South Brink Wisbech109 South Brink Wisbech06 April 1992B264Southern
B242WestonHerman Searle7129 April 199296 Sefton Avenue Wisbech96 Sefton Avenue Wisbech06 May 1992B256Southern
B243CarterArthur Walter6504 May 1992Bangkok Hosp ThailandBangkok Hosp Thailand15 May 1992B260Southern
B244PikeVera May7213 May 1992Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn8 All Saints Close Elm01 June 19928G of R
B245RuffLewis7708 June 19921 Roseberry Road Elm1 Roseberry Road Elm15 June 1992B240Southern
B246GarfordClaude Raymond6901 July 1992288 Low Road Elm288 Low Road Elm06 July 1992B257Southern
B247WhitbyFred George7024 June 19929 Tower Road Friday Bridge9 Tower Road Friday Bridge16 July 19929G of R
B248SchofieldAlbert Ernest7201 July 199212 Orchard Drive Elm12 Orchard Drive Elm17 July 199210G of R
B249ClarkDoris Mary8014 July 1992Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn109 Osborne Road Wisbech21 August 199211G of R
B250EdgsonErnest Frank7514 September 1992North Cambs Hosp Wisbech2 Low Road Elm10 October 199212G of R
B251MackenderIrene8011 October 1992Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn1 Council House Waldersea FB16 October 1992B258Southern
B252SooleyHarry7124 October 1992Gosmoor Fruit Farm Gosmoor Lane ElmGosmoor Fruit Farm Elm29 October 1992A215Northern
B253DayMartha Emma9810 January 19936 Church Road Friday Bridge6 Church Road Friday Bridge15 January 1993A198Northern
B254WhiteHarold James8711 January 1993North Cambs Hosp Wisbech48 The Stitch Friday Bridge15 January 1993B213Southern
B255BryantHenry John8819 January 1993North Cambs Hosp WisbechThe Dale Begdale Road Elm25 January 1993B18Southern
B256JacksonGeorge Henry7828 January 1993Middlesbridge Nursing Home Heacham10 Roseberry Road Elm03 February 1993B238Southern
B257EdgsonElizabeth7027 January 1993Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn2 Low Road Elm20 February 199312G of R
B258PellEmily Jane8118 February 1993Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn8 Roseberry Rd Elm25 February 1993A81Northern
B259CooperLeah7110 March 1993Newbridge Caravan Site ElmNewbridge Caravan Site Elm17 March 1993C273/4Southern
B260KetteringhamEric William4404 March 1993Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn66 New Drove Wisbech19 March 199313G of R
B261RoughtonPaul Raymond4827 March 19936 Fen Way Elm6 Fen Way Elm02 April 1993B263Southern
B262NeveWalter Fisher8205 April 1993Nevane Gosmoor Lane ElmNevane Gosmoor Lane Elm20 April 19932G of R
B263WellsLeslie7915 April 19938 Station Road Coldham8 Station Road Coldham23 April 1993B45Northern
B264LoveridgeJoseph7203 May 199317 Newbridge Caravan Site Elm17 Newbridge Caravan Site Elm10 May 1993C275/6Southern
B265BeartIvy Elizabeth7921 May 19939 Sylveden Drive WisbecIvy Cottage Colletts Bridge Elm26 May 1993A214Northern
B266TrowerErnest James8314 May 1993North Cambs Hosp WisbechChequers Cot Back Rd FBridge30 May 1993B103Northern
B267KnightCharles John7123 May 1993North Cambs Hosp Wisbech27 Sandringham Ave Wisbech06 June 199314G of R
B268CundyGladys Evelyn9027 July 1993North Cambs Hosp WisbechAshtree House FBridge Rd Elm02 August 1993A213Northern
B269StokesGeorge7108 August 199311 Newbridge Lane Caravan Site Elm11 Newbridge Lane C’van Site Elm16 August 1993C278/9Southern
B270AdamsonKathleen4708 August 199365 Summerfield Close Wisbech65 Summerfield Close Wisbech29 August 199315G of R
B271NichollsJack6907 September 1993Rockcliffe Main Road Friday BridgeRockcliffe Main Road Friday Bridge13 September 1993A210Northern
B272MaddocksDoris Mary8309 September 1993Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn20 Tower Rd Friday Bridge15 September 1993A27Northern
B273StebbingsGertrude9003 November 1993Glenmfield House Wisbech19 Limes Avenue Elm09 November 1993A199Northern
B274WhyattBertie6321 October 19782 Oldfield Avenue Elm2 Oldfield Avenue Elm12 November 199317G of R
B275BryanAshley John9012 November 1993Station Rd Willoughby LincsBoston General Hospital22 November 1993A209Northern
B276CanhamWilliam8218 November 1993109 South Brink WisbechNorth Cambs Hosp Wisbech25 November 1993A207Northern
B277BaldockPhyllis Irene7820 November 19933 Church Rd Friday Bridge3 Church Rd Friday Bridge25 November 1993A180Northern
B278BloyeDerek Ernest6121 November 199394 The Stitch Friday Bridge94 The Stitch Friday Bridge02 December 199318G of R
B279WellsMarie Celeste6810 September 1993Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn6 Station Road Coldham29 October 199316G of R
B280WellsWilliam Arthur7011 October 19936 Station Road Coldham6 Station Road Coldham29 October 199316G of R
B281GiddinsAnthony Richard7909 December 1993Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn1 Gosmoor Cot Gosmoor Lane Elm15 December 1993A211Northern
B282AdamsLilian Maud8616 December 1993Wales Bank ElmWales Bank Elm23 December 1993A98Northern
B283JeffriesJohn George6628 December 1993Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnTop Laddus Farm Friday Bridge05 January 1994A205Northern
B284NicolaouDiamandou8108 January 1994Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn1 Nene Court Norwich Rd Wisbech17 January 1994A204Northern
B285FollenGrace Doreen9001 February 19942 Hanchant Ct Norwich Rd Wisbech2 Hanchant Ct Norwich Rd Wisb08 February 1994A202Northern
B286GowlerEvelyn Edna8721 February 1994Cherry Tree NH Hungate Rd EmnethCherryTreeNH Hungate Rd Emneth24 February 1994B202Southern
B287BatesAdelaide May W8528 February 19946 Queens Drive Friday BridgeNorth Cambs Hosp Wisbech04 March 1994B235Southern
B288CooperWalter8215 April 1994Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnNew Drove Caravan Site Elm21 April 1994C273/4Southern
B289CottDora Maud8921 April 1994Bottom House Colletts Bridge ElmBottom House Colletts Bridge Elm26 April 1994B47Southern
B290MunroGeorge Allen7120 June 1994Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn98 North Brink Wisbech24 June 1994B13Southern
B291MasonElsie9124 June 1994San Wai Fridaybridge Road ElmSan Wai Fridaybridge Road Elm01 July 1994B26Southern
B292ReeveDoris May8809 August 19946 Gosmoor Lane Elm6 Gosmoor Lane Elm15 August 1994B45Northern
B293WennBertha Elizabeth7102 September 1994Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn16 Church Rd Friday Bridge09 September 1994A190Northern
B294BlissPhyllis8413 September 19943 Salts Road West Walton3 Salts Road West Walton19 September 1994A116Northern
B295VallowRoland George E7104 October 1994Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn36 Norwich Road Wisbech10 October 1994B253Southern
B296BatesHarold8318 November 19943 Church Rd Friday Bridge3 Church Rd Friday Bridge25 November 1994A220Northern
B297PhillipsMary Elizabeth8001 December 1994Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn20 Ingle Road Elm16 December 19947G of R
B298TeaCyril John7019 September 1994North Cambs Hosp Wisbech3 Bungalow Colletts Bridge Elm23 December 199437G of R
B299GrimmerCissie7221 December 1994Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnChurch Road Leverington30 December 1994A221Northern
B300BlackmanAlbert Dennis7416 January 1995Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn3 Overstone Drive Coldham20 January 1995B226Southern
B301GrangerMary7420 January 1995Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn17 Limes Avenue Elm10 February 199519G of R
B302BushRobert Taylor8713 March 19958 Queens Drive Friday Bridge8 Queens Drive Friday Bridge22/03/1995A203Northern
B303WennHilda8129 April 1995North Cambs Hosp Wisbech2 The Dale Elm05 May 1995A26Northern
B304CrawfordJoyce Rose5615 June 19959 Church Road Friday Bridge9 Church Road Friday Bridge21 June 1995A222Northern
B305MullingerIvy Maud8928 September 1995Somers Ct Somers Rd WisbechSomers Ct Somers Rd Wisbech23 October 199520G of R
B306GreenSylvia Mary5513 October 1995141 St Peters St Lowestoft141 St Peters St Lowestoft24 October 199522G of R
B307NealeJoseph Cornelius7418 October 1995Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnKirkhams lane Elm25 October 1995C284/5Southern
B308WoolnerAlan James5830 October 1995Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnNeedham Bank Friday Bridge07 November 1995A223Northern
B309HammondWilliam Frederick7523 November 1995Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn29 Abington Grove Elm02 December 199524G of R
B310RaceyJohn Henry8303 December 1995North Cambs Hosp Wisbech1 Strathmore Cot Fbridge Rd Elm11 December 1995A224Northern
B311WennStanley4701 December 1995Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnFriday House March Rd FBridge08 December 1995A35Northern
B312BatesJennifer Ann5029 December 1995Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnEastfield Main Rd Friday Bridge05 January 1996A225Northern
B313IngleRosalie May7426 December 1995Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn6 Church Road Friday Bridge21 January 1996C39Southern
B314CrowleyDavid Charles3117 December 199527 St Michaels Avenue Wisbech27 St Michaels Avenue Wisbech29 January 199627G of R
B315RoseberryJoyce Marion K7727 January 1996Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn“Gaywood” Fridaybridge Road Elm02 February 1996A227Northern
B316RowlettIvan Anthony5811 February 1996Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn18 Ingle Road Elm16 February 1996A229Northern
B317CookPercy8405 April 1996Westminster Nurs Home Wisbech2 Rose Cottage Friday Bridge12 April 1996A206Northern
B318WisemanDavid John3515 April 1996Middlesex Hospital Westminster2 Belt Drove Elm30 April 1996A230Northern
B319ClowHarry8029 April 1996Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnThe Cottage FBridge Road Elm13 May 199631G of R
B320ClarkStanley Robert8314 June 1996North Cambs Hosp Wisbech3 Fenway Elm26 June 199611G of R
B321SooleyRobert7025 June 199693 Elm High Road Elm93 Elm High Road Elm01 July 1996A232Northern
B322PuttnamReginald6330 March 1989Chase farm Hosp Ridgeway EnfieldHartford Rd Cemetery Enfield23 July 199633G of R
B323RowlettPhyllis Mary8224 August 1996North Cambs Hosp WisbechLangley Lodge Queens Rd Wisb29 August 1996B31Southern
B324RobersonElsie May7707 September 1996Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn1 Coldham Cot March Rd FBridge16 September 1996A233Northern
B325JimsonEmma Jane9314 September 1996North Cambs Hosp Wisbech“Homestead” Low Road Elm25 September 199636G of R
B326SeckerDoris Verdun8005 September 19963 Ayres Cot Main Road Elm3 Ayres Cot Main Road Elm26 September 199635G of R
B327EastolSarah Evelyn Esme V8924 November 1996North Cambs Hosp WisbechRedmoor Cot Wales Bank Elm02 December 1996A94Northern
B328MerrellHorace William8426 November 19967 North Brink Wisbech15 Pendula Rd Walsoken Wisbech17 December 199640G of R
B329YoungMargaret Ethel6407 December 1996Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn41 Elmfield Drive Elm16 December 1996A234Northern
B330PoulterCharles Albert7104 October 1996Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn“Glendale” Low Road Elm11 January 199742G of R
B331SmithTommy Lee JSB05 January 1997Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnNewbridge Caravan Site Elm13 January 1997C277Southern
B332BennettEdna Joan7718 January 1997The Conifers North Brink WisbechThe Conifers North Brink Wisbech27 January 1997A208Northern
B333CalvertEleanor Susan E8520 December 1996Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnOrchard Ct NH Money Bank Wisb31 January 1997A77Northern
B334BarnardWalter Edward8010 February 199711 Clayton Close Wisbech11 Clayton Close Wisbech12 March 199743G of R
B335CarverDorothy6903 March 1997Sue Ryder Home Thorpe Rd PeterboroRutlands Farm Coldham19 March 199745G of R
B336BatesRose Hilda8526 March 1997Orchard Hse NH 107 Money Bank Wisb3 Church Road Friday Bridge02 April 1997A220Northern
B337PuttnamDoris Rose K7011 February 1997Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn“LittleBretton” March Rd FB29 April 199732G of R
B338HempsonDennis6405 January 1997Neatmoor Hall Farm Silt Rd NordelphNeatmoor Hall Farm Nordelph10 May 1997C62Southern
B339StoppardCharles Thomas7126 October 1993Wisbech Borough Cemetery04 July 199747G of R
B340ClarkeFrederick James6122 July 19971 Blackbear Lane Wisbech1 Blackbear Lane Wisbech29 July 1997A235Northern
B341SmithShannon Christine6 weeks19 August 1997Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn22 Caravan Site Newbrge Lane Elm27 August 1997C277ASouthern
B342CundyArthur Stanley8811 September 1997Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnAshtree House FBridge Rd Elm19 September 1997A213Northern
B343NichollsHilda May8513 September 1997Chestnuts 169 Norwich Rd WisbechChestnuts 169 Norwich Rd Wisb24 September 1997A238Northern
B344LawesMargaret Irene7404 October 1997Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn16 All Saints Close Elm10 October 1997A242Northern
B345RawlingWolsey7107 September 1997274 Norwich Road Wisbech274 Norwich Road Wisbech10 October 199752G of R
B346OldroydRobert8709 October 1997North Cambs Hosp WisbechBegdale House Begdale Elm15 October 1997A243Northern
B347KnightDorothy May8118 November 199726 All Saints Close Elm26 All Saints Close Elm22 November 1997A83Northern
B348KnightEthel Freda8127 November 1997Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnJasmin Low Road Elm04 December 1997B249Southern
B349HousdenThomas Desmond64Farmer07 December 1997Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnWillow Lodge Maltmas Drove FB14 December 199754G of R
B350BlackmanViolet8829 January 1998North Cambs Hosp Wisbech3 Overstone Drive Coldham02 February 1998B226Southern
B351HallSydney Robert7420 February 1998106 Norwich Road Wisbech106 Norwich Road Wisbech26 February 1998A248Northern
B352GowlerAngelina6619 February 199885 Windmill St Whittlesey85 Windmill St Whittlesey09 March 1998A245Northern
B353StephensonSarah Jane8117 March 199815 All Saints Close Elm15 All Saints Close Elm26 March 1998A253Northern
B354CollinsPamela Edna5730 March 19987 Felstead Avenue Wisbech7 Felstead Avenue Wisbech27 April 199857G of R
B355HubbardElua May6810 September 1998Addenbrookes HospitalWheatley Bank Walsoken18/3/98 ?B67Southern
B356SchofieldIrene7714 April 1998Royal Hosp ChesterfieldBank Close House Chesterfield28 May 199810G of R
B357WestbrookThomas9104 June 1998Rosedene 53 Elwyn Road MarchRosedene 53 Elwyn Road March19 June 1998B228Southern
B358SmithClaude Henry8025 August 1998Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn15 The Dale Begdale Road Elm01 September 1998A212Northern
B359WilsonGordon8513 September 1998Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnLittle Hermitage Colletts Bridge Elm23 September 199860G of R
B360LoveridgeAda6822 October 1998Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn14 Begdale Road Elm30 October 1998A246Northern
B361CrockerBen7130 October 1998Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn3 The Poplars Kirkhams Lane Elm05 November 1998B308Northern
B362SooleyJoan Ivy6731 October 199857 John Kennedy Ct Wisbech57 John Kennedy Ct Wisbech06 November 1998A231Northern
B363BoothBasil Herbert6422 November 199881 Cocketts Drive Wisbech81 Cocketts Drive Wisbech26 November 1998A254Northern
B364SymondsJames3718 November 19985 Overstone Road Coldham5 Overstone Road Coldham26 November 1998A260Northern
B365BarnardRobert William7310 December 19981 Roseberry Road Elm1 Roseberry Road Elm20 December 199862G of R
B366StubbingsLucy Doris Marjorie7918 December 1998Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn9 Ingle Road Elm29 December 1998A67Northern
B367GriffinEdna May9004 January 1999Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnKing Edward Farm Gorefield09 January 1999B69Southern
B368MeltonThomas James7310 February 1999Jamanda 28 The Stitch Friday BridgeJamanda 28 The Stitch FBridge22 February 1999A256Northern
B369BodgerLilian Grace8620 December 1998North Cambs Hosp Wisbech64 Sefton Avenue Wisbech20 March 199961G of R
B370MerrellSusan Elizabeth4831 March 199936 Queen Elizabeth Drive Wisbech36 Queen Elizabeth Drive Wisbech14 April 199963G of R
B371BatesFrederick8318 April 19991 Church Road Friday Bridge1 Church Road Friday Bridge02 May 199965G of R
B372TaylorHenry5011 May 1999Field at Narborough Swaffham2 Newbridge Lane Elm20 May 1999B312Northern
B373SaundersMalcolm6126 May 1999Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn6 Overstone Road Coldham04 June 1999A259Northern
B374TaylorLily8711 July 1999Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn2  Newbridge Lane Elm19 July 1999B314Northern
B375MeadPeter4801 August 1999Riverbank off Millicourt Rd Outwell10 Sywell Grove Elm06 August 1999A261Northern
B376ThompsonJennifer dawn5529 July 1999Princess of Wales Hosp Grimsby06 August 1999
B377StephensonHenry8821 August 1999Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn15 All Saints Close Elm02 September 1999A253Northern
B378BatesFrancis James S7007 November 1999Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Church Road Friday Bridge28 November 199966G of R
B379BatesCyril Lloyd8528 November 1999Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn25 Tower Road Friday Bridge12 December 1999C75Southern
B380SlayfordDorothy May8419 November 1999Kingswood Park MarchGable Lodge Fridaybridge Rd Elm10 December 199967G of R
B381StallanRoy8220 December 1999Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnMain Road Friday Bridge28 December 1999A187Northern
B382WhiteClara May8518 December 1999North Cambs Hosp Wisbech26 Tower Road Friday Bridge29 December 1999A68Northern
B383NicholsonFlorence Ada7907 January 2000Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnBramley Panswell Lane Leverington17 January 2000A263Northern
B384FrenchMargaret Ann6527 January 2000Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn5 Rectory Gardens Wisbech03 February 2000B241Southern
B385StavridesNicos Costas7411 February 2000Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn5 Tower Road Friday Bridge17 February 2000A247Northern
B386PlayforLeonard Raymond7727 February 2000Norfolk & Norwich Hosp Norwich36 Queen Elizabeth Drive Wisbech10 March 200064G of R
B387HolmesGeorge Henry Arthur6902 March 2000North Cambs Hosp Wisbech18 Ingle Road Elm14 April 200068G of R
B388WatsonHenry Hubert7620 April 2000134 Elm High Rd Elm134 Elm High Rd Elm04 May 2000A264Northern
B389ChapmanHilda7715 June 20001 Fen Way Elm1 Fen Way Elm22 June 2000A71Northern
B390JeffreysCharles James6520 May 2000North Cambs Hosp WisbechGlebe Lodge Fridaybridge Rd Elm21 June 200069G of R
B391ReadEvelyn Betsy7820 March 2000Orchard Hse NH 107 Money Bank WisbElm Low Road Wisbech18 July 2000B1Northern
B392WardDennis William7303 October 2000Papworth HospitalThe Bungalow Wales Bank Elm12 October 2000A265Northern
B393BassRuby Lillian7012 October 2000119a West End March119a West End March23 October 2000A267Northern
B394DennisMargery Beryl7706 October 2000Leics Hospital Groby Rd Leicester13 Malham Close Leicester13 November 2000C99-108
B395EastolBertram Gerald8317 November 2000Redroof Wales Bank ElmRedroof Wales Bank Elm27 November 2000A269Northern
B396HammondWayne3412 December 2000Addenbrookes Hospital28 Westmead Avenue Wisbech19 December 2000A271Northern
B397LudlowDora Mary8208 December 2000Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnRosedale Needham Bank FB23 December 2000A68Northern
B398BennettAlicia Inez Jane1923 December 2000A47 Thorney Rd Guyhirn79 Fenland Road Wisbech10 January 2001A71Northern
B399GreenCyril Alan (Tim)7227 December 2000Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn27 Queens Drive Friday Bridge14 January 200158G of R
B400LoveridgeJohn7907 January 2001Glemfield House Money Bank WisbechGlemfield Ho Money Bank Wisbech15 January 2001A246Northern
B401HurstRonald Herbert6527 January 2001Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnBroad Drove Begdale01 February 2001A217ANorthern
B402NewtonMonica Evelyn7817 January 2001Severando 4 Main Road Friday Bridge4 Main Road Friday Bridge04 February 2001A58Southern
B403GowlerGordon Leslie7914 February 20012 Money Bank Wisbech2 Money Bank Wisbech26 March 200171G of R
B404GardnerNorman7031 March 2001Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn8 Curston Close Elm Low Rd Elm10 April 2001A235ANorthern
B405CurtisTom6525 April 20019 Parkfield Carav Site Wisbech St Mary9 Parkfield Carav Site Wisb St Mary03 May 2001B317Northern
B406MillettChristopher Ian1828 May 2001Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnAshenden Well End Friday Bridge25 July 200172G of R
B407PetersMargaret5912 July 200118 Abington Grove Elm18 Abington Grove Elm24 July 2001A289Northern
B408StarlingRuth8514 March 19953 Bunwell Rd Spooler Row Wymondham3 Bunwell Rd Wymondham07 October 200174G of R
B409StarlingWilfred Stanley9229 August 2001Cleveland LodgeNH Old Heath ColchesterCleveland Lodge NH Colchester07 October 200174G of R
B410MewsJohn Walter6915 June 2001337 Elm Low Road Elm337 Elm Low Road Elm18 October 200175G of R
B411GornichiBrenda May6713 October 20014 Robin Mews Wisbech4 Robin Mews Wisbech23 October 2001A287Northern
B412RogersJoan Lillian7216 October 2001Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn31 Oldfield Avenue Elm04 November 200176G of R
B413NichollsIvy May7801 November 2001Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnDocking Ho Res Home KL08 November 2001A82Northern
B414AndrewsRichard3820 November 2001North Cambs Hosp Wisbech52 Milner Road Wisbech29 November 2001A307Northern
B415Curtis aka LoveridgeHenry (aka Leonard)8029 November 2001Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Newbridge Lane Carav Site Elm06 December 2001B320Northern
B416WestonJoyce Evelyn7503 December 2001North Cambs Hosp WisbechKing John House Wisbech07 December 2001B256Southern
B417CalvertConnor Paul4.5 hours19 December 2001Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn58 Cannon Street Wisbech29 December 2001A285Northern
B418LambJack7517 February 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn8 Newbridge Lane Elm26 February 2002B322Northern
B419PriceBridget4704 March 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn1 Abington Grove Elm12 March 2002A284Northern
B420PrestonKathleen Mary6412 January 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn34 Tower Road Friday Bridge12 March 2002A64G of R
B421BatesViolet Maud8519 February 2002Langley Lodge Queens Rd Wisbech42 Tower Road Friday Bridge12 March 2002C75Southern
B422RoperElsie Barbara8522 March 2002Langley Lodge 26 Queens Rd Wisbech48 Mount Drive Wisbech05 April 2002A78Northern
B423WarbyOlive9817 April 2002Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm29 April 2002B55Northern
B424LevinWilliam Frederick Moss8822 April 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn11 Birch Grove Elm08 May 2002A288Northern
B425GreenBrenda Mary6305 April 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn2 Oldfield Avenue Elm14 June 2002A18G of R
B426WhitbyDorothy May7815 June 20029 Queens Drive Friday Bridge9 Queens Drive Friday Bridge01 July 20029G of R
B427BarberRaymond4806 July 20029 Sywell Grove Elm9 Sywell Grove Elm19 July 2002A253ANorthern
B428LoveridgeKelly Marie1711 July 2002Addenbrookes Hospital15 Newbridge Lane Carav Site Elm19 July 2002C263Southern
B429HollandLeslie7911 June 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Savanah Ho Main Rd FBridge21 July 2002A58Southern
B430WardGrace9818 July 2002North Cambs Hosp Wisbech2 Queens Drive Friday Bridge25 July 2002A44ANorthern
B431LawesDesmond8524 July 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn16 All Saints Close Elm30 July 2002A242Northern
B432SmithSidney Kenneth5230 July 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn18 Newbridge Lane Carav Site Elm08 August 2002B341Northern
B433BuckenhamBrian Ray6906 August 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn64 Milner Road Wisbech20 August 2002A271ANorthern
B434HutchinsonDerick Noel7225 September 200227 Quinion Close Whittlesey27 Quinion Close Whittlesey02 November 2002B18G of R
B435BaronGeorge Theodor8214 October 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn10 Maltmas Drove Friday Bridge23 October 2002B237Southern
B436HopkinOliver Raymond8123 October 20022 Chapel Cot March Road Coldham2 Chapel Cot March Road Coldham31 October 2002A286Northern
B437FordhamPaul4424 October 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn43 Western Miller Drive Wisbech01 November 2002A306Northern
B438LambJoe7509 November 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnWhiteacres 54 Elmside Emneth18 November 2002B322Northern
B439SinclairBrian4601 November 20022 Henry Warby Avenue Elm2 Henry Warby Avenue Elm21 November 2002A283Northern
B440SargentEric William6809 December 2002Martoni Well End Friday BridgeMartoni Well End Friday Bridge20 December 2002A304Northern
B441CundyAlfred Hugh8814 December 2002Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn13 Princes Road Wisbech23 December 2002A39Southern
B442GambleCyril Norman8805 January 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn10 Milner Road Wisbech10 January 2003B70Southern
B443SmithCarolander aka Linda8903 January 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn7 Ingle Road Elm14 January 2003A218Northern
B444SearleJean Denise Rosemary5408 January 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn30 The Stitch Friday Bridge16 January 2003A302Northern
B445GarrodHilda May9317 September 2002Lindisfarne Church End LeveringtonLindisfarne Church End Leverington01 March 2003B232Southern
B446TaylorLily7306 February 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn2 Newbridge Carav Site Elm14 February 2003B312Northern
B447WoodhouseBernadette Jessie E4821 November 20025 Rose Lane Elm5 Rose Lane Elm28 February 2003C18G of R
B448SouthgateGeorge walter7721 February 20037 Redmoor Lane Wisbech7 Redmoor Lane Wisbech09 March 200314G of R
B449ClowEvelyn May8506 January 2003156 Friday Bridge Road Elm156 Friday Bridge Road Elm22 March 200330G of R
B450KeyPercy Arthur8810 February 2003Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm03 April 2003A37G of R
B451BaldockJoe8007 March 200330 Holmes Drive Wisbech30 Holmes Drive Wisbech15 April 2003C37G of R
B452PorterPearl Constance8704 April 2003North Cambs Hosp Wisbech160 Elm High Road Wisbech11 April 2003A41Northern
B453SmithClifford Walter Sonny7017 April 2003Addenbrookes Hospital12 High Road Islington Kings Lynn30 April 2003B343Northern
B454DraycottWilliam Edward10227 April 2003Orchard Hse NH 107 Money Bank Wisb8 Gosmoor Lane Elm02 May 2003B67Northern
B455WarbyWinnie7814 May 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn13 Birch Grove Elm27 May 2003B200Southern
B456RowlettMargaret Pauline5911 June 20032 Octagon Drive Wisbech2 Octagon Drive Wisbech24 June 2003A228Northern
B457ClaytonLeonard7618 June 2003Addenbrookes Hospital18 Mansell Road Wisbech26 June 2003A307ANorthern
B458KeyPhyllis8531 May 2003Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm14 July 2003B37G of R
B459DeaconRose Elizabeth Ann7128 July 200336 Victoria Ave Hunstanton PE36 6BX36 Victoria Ave Hunstanton01 August 20036G of R
B460SmithColin7924 August 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnWell End Friday Bridge05 September 2003A249Northern
B461DeweyJoan Julia7522 August 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn11 Limes Avenue Elm05 September 20035G of R
B462SeckerBertie Vernon8607 September 2003North Cambs Hosp Wisbech3 Ayres Cot High Road Elm17 October 200334G of R
B463MasonRaymond Ernest6826 October 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn203 Friday Bridge Road Elm31 October 2003A305Northern
B464SeekingsVeldon Richard Matthew6801 November 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnAlbany Cot South Brink Wisbech11 November 2003A282Northern
B465WrightArthur  Ben8710 November 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn2 Oldfield Avenue Elm30 November 2003B59Northern
B466LoughtonCaroline Evelyn9122 November 2003Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnFiveways Main Road Friday Bridge20 December 20031G of R
B467DickJohn Robertson8111 July 2003North Cambs Hosp Wisbech104 Elm Road Wisbech20 December 200377G of R
B468DickBetty Doreen8202 December 200344 Wells Road Fakenham104 Elm Road Wisbech20 December 200377G of R
B469HeapesJulia Mary7805 January 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn44 Westmead Avenue Wisbech16 January 2004A280Northern
B470GowlerTony Edward6813 January 2004District Hospital PeterboroughCarehome 15 Park Cres Peterboro22 January 2004A244Northern
B471SmithChristopher6231 January 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn2 Wales Bank Elm06 February 2004B358Northern
B472MilhamRosemary Jill5722 January 200431 Abington Grove Elm31 Abington Grove Elm08 February 2004A63G of R
B473CarringtonStanley Percy7303 March 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn8 Gosmoor Lane Elm12 March 2004A303Northern
B474BatesAmy Maud8722 March 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn1 Church Road Friday Bridge18 April 200465G of R
B475DodsleyGeorge William8115 April 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn57 The Stitch Friday Bridge02 May 2004A61G of R
B476SymondsMartha Wilhemina7523 April 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn5 Overstone Road Coldham04 May 2004B239Southern
B477NichollsDoris7829 April 2004Rockcliffe Main Road Friday BridgeRockcliffe Main Road Friday Bridge06 May 2004A210Northern
B478BaldockGladys Mary8824 March 200473 Avondale Ave Finchley London73 Avondale Ave Finchley London27 June 2004B177Northern
B479ReubenHenry Charles Wm7216 July 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn20 8th Ave Mount Drive Wisbech26 July 2004A301Northern
B480RashMonty Henry7801 October 2004North Cambs Hosp WisbechCarters Farm Laddus Drove FB14 October 2004A205Northern
B481GipsonArthur Gordon8408 October 20046A All Saints Close Elm6A All Saints Close Elm15 October 2004A300Northern
B482StokesEmily8524 October 20046 Newbridge Lane Elm6 Newbridge Lane Elm01 November 2004C278/9Southern
B483AustinCharles Henry8130 November 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn56 The Stitch Friday Bridge08 December 2004A299Northern
B484GowlerLilian Joyce7712 December 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Rose Lane Elm20 December 2004A279Northern
B485BottleyThomas henry8613 December 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn6 The Dale Elm20 December 2004A273Northern
B486FallaJeffery Martin1928 December 198585 Melville Ct Dock Rd Chatham85 Melville Ct Dock Rd Chatham20 December 2004A273Northern
B487WhiteMary Gertrude8726 December 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn24 Hollycroft Close Emneth05 January 2005A182Northern
B488LoveridgeDavid gary3221 December 2004Plot 5 Newbridge Caravan Site Elm5 Newbridge Carav Site Elm05 January 2005C252Southern
B489GravesJune Annie7121 December 2004Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn15 All Saints Close Elm06 January 2005A277Northern
B490OliverStuart Carl4726 January 2005Selwyn House Well End Friday BridgeSelwyn House Well End FBridge04 February 2005A274Northern
B491MewsRuby Mary8124 October 2004Holmewood Cot Elm Low Rd WisbechHolmewood Cot Elm Low Rd Wisb11 February 200550G of R
B492CampbellHilda Gladys9812 February 2005Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn27 Elmfield Drive Wisbech18 February 2005A54Northern
B493LadellFlorence May Ivy9825 February 2005Brookfield Bungalow Begdale Rd ElmBrookfield Bung Begdale Rd Elm04 March 2005B42Northern
B494GowlerNorman Stanley8003 March 2005Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Rose lane Elm12 March 2005A278Northern
B495HudsonJack9014 February 20055 Nene Court Norwich Rd Wisbech 5 Nene Court Norwich Rd Wisbech 21 March 200549G of R
B496HunterThomas Arthur8230 March 2005Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn38 Elm High Road Wisbech15 April 200548G of R
B497LitmanDavid James5715 April 200510 Birch Grove Elm10 Birch Grove Elm25 April 2005A298Northern
B498CrawleyWalter7827 March 2005Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnThe Lawns Main Road Elm29 April 200524G of R
B499BurrellEdith Viola8306 May 2005Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn55 Tinkers Drove Elm25 May 2005B10Southern
B500SmithCharlie8226 May 20058 Newbridge Lane Caravan Site Elm8 Newbridge Lane Carav Site Elm03 June 2005B356Northern
B501LambertGillian Mary5813 June 2005Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn10 Limes Avenue Elm20 June 2005A297Northern
B502CrawfordPeggy Eileen7002 June 2005Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Queens Drive Friday Bridge26 June 200578G of R
B503ClarkeEmma May3828 June 2005Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn3 All Saints Close Elm08 July 2005A326Northern
B504HensbyJack Selwyn7426 June 20052 Church Rd Friday Bridge2 Church Rd Friday Bridge31 July 200579G of R
B505SmithBeatrice9131 July 2005North Cambs Hosp WisbechWell End Friday Bridge11 September 2005C62Southern
B506WatsonEdith Evelyn8709 October 200599 Friday Bridge Road Elm99 Friday Bridge Road Elm18 October 2005A324Northern
B507StevensMary Jane9012 October 2005Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm20 October 2005A323Northern
B508GreenPhillip Harry8231 August 2005Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnLow Road Elm23 October 200528G of R
B509ClarkeIrene7227 December 2005289 Upper L’don Rd Braintree CM77 8QQUpper London Rd Braintree06 January 2006C267Southern
B510WhitwellAlec Francis8221 November 2005Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn12 Belt Drove Elm06 February 200680G of R
B511SB. Bowles Shanicepar:Anita B/Carl Cooper18 January 2006Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn18 All Saints Close Elm11 February 2006A322Northern
B512MaileFreda Mary6818 January 2006Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnMelrose Well End Friday Bridge18 February 200684G of R
B513CarverVictor Maurice7904 March 2006District Hospital PeterboroughRutland Farm Coldham19 March 200644G of R
B514OldroydEric Alfred8006 March 2006Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn2 Burrett Gate Rd Walsoken30 March 2006A243Northern
B515TomblinsonVicki Louise2724 March 2006Addenbrookes Hospital2 Kestrel Drive Wisbech05 April 2006A295Northern
B516LevinDoris Maud8805 May 2006St Richards Hospital ChichesterWhitewaysNH 17 Seal Rd Selsey16 May 2006A288Northern
B517Zara JewskiJohanna Isle C8112 May 2006Hinchingbrooke Hospital Hunts11 Berry Field March23 May 2006A258Northern
B518CarmichaelJean6225 April 2006Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn26 Les Baux Place Wisbech16 June 200685G of R
B519HudsonGrace Lilian9003 May 200622 Bowthorpe Rd Wisbech22 Bowthorpe Rd Wisbech04 July 200649G of R
B520HiteLinda7213 June 2006Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn71 South Brink Wisbech26 July 200686G of R
B521BurbridgeMary Olive8218 June 2006Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn3 Beechwood Road Wisbech20 August 200689G of R
B522HutchinsonJanet Margaret7423 August 2006Papworth Hospital27 Quinion Close Whittlesey09 September 2006B18G of R
B523ClingoJohn William7922 September 2006Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn8 Millway Friday Bridge29 September 2006A293Northern
B524EdgeleyEvelyn Shirley5910 October 20062 Tower Road Friday Bridge2 Tower Road Friday Bridge16 December 200688G of R
B525TaylorHenry8809 December 20062 Newbridge Lane Caravan Site Elm2 Newbridge Lane Carav Site Elm18 December 2006B313Northern
B526CarterEdward George6202 February 2007(X- Country) Chapel Lane Tydd St GilesChapel Lane Tydd St Giles12 February 2007B262Southern
B527GiddinsJoyce Olive Eileen8029 January 2007Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnLyncroft Clarkson Ave Wisbech12 February 2007B246Southern
B528WilliamsAmy Louise1311 February 2007Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnProvence Place Wisbech27 February 2007A292Northern
B529Day (Moore)Phyllis Irene8607 March 2007Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm15 March 2007A257Northern
B530PorterGeorge Edward10417 February 2007Rose Lodge Care Home Walton Rd WisThe Stitch Friday Bridge01 April 200791G of R
B531PorterEdith Catherine6910 March 197701 April 200791G of R
B532CrawfordThomas Bernard8019 March 2007North Cambs Hosp Wisbech3 Curston Close Elm09 May 200792G of R
B533SooleyBessie Irene8719 June 2007Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnLyncroft 81 Clarkson Ave Wisb29 June 2007A216Northern
B534BaldingIvan Alwyn7024 July 2007North Cambs Hosp Wisbech29 All Saints Avenue Walsoken03 August 2007A321Northern
B535CrowleyFrederick Charles7307 May 200733 Elmfield Drive Elm33 Elmfield Drive Elm24 August 200725G of R
B536SleightPauline Fionna7921 August 2007Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnBrockhirst Friday Bridge Rd Elm30 August 2007A320Northern
B537StebbingsIvan Stanley6920 August 2007Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn19 Limes Avenue Elm04 September 2007A318Northern
B538CraneNeville7212 August 2007Hazeldene 27 Main Rd Friday BridgeHazeldene 27 Main Rd FBridge12 September 2007
B539CarringtonDoris Lillian7329 August 2007Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnBoyden Ct Elizabeth Tce Wisbech30 September 2007A303Northern
B540CageAlfred Cyril aka Albert8203 October 2007Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn5 Roseberry Road Elm12 October 2007A290Northern
B541BranchLavina aka Lovine7112 May 20076 Turf Fen Br Caravan Site Murrow6 Turf Fen Br Caravan Site Murrow30 October 2007B355Northern
B542ClementsPamela Joan7227 July 2007North Cambs Hosp WisbechLong Acre 35 March Rd FBridge26 November 200793G of R
B543ClingoPaul Anthony5625 November 20078 Mill Way Friday Bridge8 Mill Way Friday Bridge07 December 2007A311Northern
B544BatesHugh Francis8428 November 20075 Church Grove Elm5 Church Grove Elm09 December 200791G of R
B545OgdenOlive May8220 December 2007Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnAll saints Avenue Elm28 December 2007A317Northern
B546HortonEvelyn Florence9607 January 200841 Tower Road Friday Bridge41 Tower Road Friday Bridge21 January 2008A316Northern
B547CrowsonPeter John7308 February 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnBirbeck House Well End FB19 February 2008A315Northern
B548GreenEvelyn Irene7629 December 2007Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn27 Queens Drive Friday Bridge24 February 200858G of R
B549GriefClive John4409 March 200849 Burnt House Rd Turves49 Burnt House Rd Turves28 March 2008A237Northern
B550AlexanderBrian William6424 January 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn119 Elm Low Road Wisbech30 March 200896G of R
B551CurtisKathleen Maud7727 March 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Newbridge Lane Elm08 April 2008B321Northern
B552MahoneyJoan Eileen7515 March 2008Papworth Hospital9 Ingle Road Elm13 April 200895G of R
B553StoreyBruce6026 April 20082 Summerfield Close Wisbech2 Summerfield Close Wisbech07 May 2008A217BBNorthern
B554StokesRosemary5823 May 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn6 Newbridge Lane Carav Site Elm03 June 2008C253Southern
B555BrownDerrick Croote7608 June 20087 Holywell Way Longthorpe Peterboro’7 Holywell Way Longthorpe P/boro17 June 2008A200Northern
B556WilsonDoris9330 April 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnRose Lodge Walton Rd Wisbech25 September 200860G of R
B557BardellCharles William9609 October 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnCarefree March Rd Friday Bridge18 November 2008E37G of R
B558WrightRose Evelyn9107 October 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn35 The Stitch Friday Bridge18 November 2008B10Southern
B559PettinatoGiovanni6130 October 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn35 Elm High Road Wisbech12 December 200898G of R
B560AndrewsDavid Edward7124 December 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn69 Beechwood Road Wisbech12 January 2009A87Northern
B561BatesEmily Eleanor9804 December 20085 Curston Close Elm5 Curston Close Elm14 January 2009A72Northern
B562MilesDoreen Elizabeth7118 January 20091 Robin Mews Wisbech1 Robin Mews Wisbech28 January 2009A236Northern
B563JeffreysMavis Doreen7003 December 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn21 Bullfinch Way Friday Bridge30 January 200969G of R
B564DraperEmma Gloria8318 February 2009Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnRose Lodge Walton Rd Wisbech04 March 2009B353/4Northern
B565HendersonJohn6913 March 2009Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn17 The Dale Begdale Road Elm01 April 2009A218BBNorthern
B566BidwellMabel Emma8912 April 2009Lyncroft Res Home Clarkson Ave WisbLyncroft Res Ho Clarkson Av Wisb20 April 2009A216CCNorthern
B567GodfreyJohn Frederick7322 May 2009Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnErzanmine Begdale Rd Elm02 June 2009A310Northern
B568CropleyBrian7001 June 2009Peterborough District Hospital45 Bowthorpe Road Wisbech10 June 2009A216BBNorthern
B569WrightArthur William9121 December 2008Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn35 The Stitch Friday Bridge02 July 2009B10Southern
B570KirkSheila Margaret8016 June 2009Severando 4 Main Road Friday BridgeSeverando 4 Main Road FBridge01 August 2009A58Southern
B571KirkHugh8125 June 2009Severando 4 Main Road Friday BridgeSeverando 4 Main Road FBridge01 August 2009A58Southern
B572MunroMary Theresa8712 September 2009Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnSt Pauls Lodge Love Lane Wisb17 September 2009B13Southern
B573OldfieldMichael George5810 August 200910 Moorhen Road Whittlesey 288 Leverington Common10 October 200999G of R
B574WellsPhyllis9015 October 2009Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnRose Lodge Walton Rd Wisbech03 November 2009B45Northern
B575JohnsDavid Roy6608 October 200941 Main Road Friday Bridge41 Main Road Friday Bridge14 November 2009A19G of R
B576PikeAlbert Edward9316 September 2009Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm15 November 20098G of R
B577SB. Ben PleasantsEllen Johnson/Glen Pl31 October 2009Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnNeedham Cot Needham Bank FB18 November 2009A220Northern
B578SingletaryGordon William8409 July 20094 West Street Wisbech4 West Street Wisbech29 November 2009B19G of R
B579OgdenRoland8725 November 20091 All Saints Close Elm1 All Saints Close Elm20 December 2009A317Northern
B580StewartReuben6705 December 2009Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn37 Little Acre A47 Bypass Wisbech21 December 2009B328Northern
B581SmithClara Patricia7512 January 2010Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn12 High Road Tilney cum Islington29 January 2010B342Northern
B582AdamsBrian Francis7005 March 2010Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn1 Abington Grove Elm15 March 2010A284Northern
B583SeekingsJune Elizabeth7606 March 2010107 Albany Cot South Brink Wisbech107 Albany Cot South Brink Wisb19 March 2010A281Northern
B584SB. Smith Destiny Apar:Theresa S Smith08 March 2010Rosie Maternity Hosp Cambridge8 Newbridge Lane Carav Site Elm22 March 2010B343BNorthern
B585LoveridgeGeorge Edward7229 March 2010Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn7 Newbridge Lane Elm16 April 2010B318Northern
B586FrisbyJohn Orbell8421 April 2010Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn26 Station Road Wisbech04 May 2010A214BBNorthern
B587MiddletonChristiane Marcelle6221 June 201017 Friday Bridge Road Elm17 Friday Bridge Road Elm12 July 2010A309Northern
B588DraperUriah (aka Hughie)8702 August 2010Rose Lodge Care Home Walton Rd WisRose Lodge Walton Rd Wisbech16 August 2010B352/3Northern
B589GreenRoy Terrance6827 July 201058 Friday Bridge Road Elm58 Friday Bridge Road Elm07 September 2010107G of R
B590ClingoAlma Daisy Louise7804 November 2010Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn8 Millway Friday Bridge19 November 2010A293Northern
B591SmartRosalie8613 October 20103 Christopher Drive Wisbech3 Christopher Drive Wisbech30 October 2010B189Northern
B592WatsonHerbert William9224 November 2010Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn99 Friday Bridge Road Elm08 December 2010A324Northern
B593RowlettColin Barry7527 December 2010255 Ramnoth Road Wisbech255 Ramnoth Road Wisbech10 January 2011B208Southern
B594BatesGraham7409 January 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn21 Orchard Drive Wisbech25 January 2011A212Southern
B595HorspoleWillfred G9005 March 2011339a Low Road Elm339a Low Road Elm18 March 2011A200Southern
B596NicholsonJohn Thomas9123 March 2011Bramley Hse Panswell Lane LeveringtonBarretts Bridge Leverington Comm05 April 2011A263Northern
B597ThorpeJanet May6728 March 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn12d St Marys Close Wisb St Mary08 April 2011B265Southern
B598SmithBrian Harry7431 March 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnPlot 2 Hooks Drove Murrow11 April 2011B348Northern
B599GreenConnie9115 March 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Lakenham Tce Elm Low Rd Elm19 April 201128G of R
B600SingletaryPhyllis Maud8511 February 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn19 April 2011B19G of R
B601RaceyMabel Harriet9411 April 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnGlenfield House Wisbech20 April 2011A224Northern
B602BarnardDoris May8030 December 2010Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn1 Roseberry Road Elm24 April 201162G of R
B603MooreEileen Victoria8709 February 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnRose Lodge Walton Rd Wisbech02 June 2011B172Northern
B604RoseberryGeorge Bertie9607 June 2011Glenmoor House Rockingham Rd Corby25 Rockingham Road Corby17 June 2011A226Northern
B605HolmesAnnie-May Janet008 June 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnQueen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn17 June 2011B347Northern
B606SearleGeorge John7303 July 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn30 The Stitch Friday Bridge12 July 2011A302Northern
B607EdgeleyIvan6426 May 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Church Road Friday Bridge20 August 201188G of R
B608JeffsStuart Malcolm6515 April 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn12 All Saints Close Elm18 September 2011106G of R
B609LeadbeaterEileen7429 August 20116 Church Grove Elm6 Church Grove Elm05 November 20114G of R
B610CravenEdward7822 July 201019 Birch Grove Elm19 Birch Grove Elm12 November 2011139G of R
B611TegerdineDorothy9024 August 201131 Chapelfield Road Guyhirn31 Chapelfield Road Guyhirn15 November 2011108G of R
B612MerrellAnnie Elizabeth F. May9217 July 20117 Eckling Grange Dereham7 Eckling Grange Dereham05 December 201139G of R
B613CurtisThomas Andrew2902 January 2012HMP Norwich11 Newbridge Lane C’van Site Elm12 January 2012B345Northern
B614HathawayAudrey Doreen8630 December 2011Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn8 Church Road Friday Bridge13 January 2012B223Southern
B615ByeElsie May8608 January 2012Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn23 Friday Bridge Road Elm24 January 2012B266Southern
B616BranchThomas Frederick8125 January 2012Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm02 February 2012B355Northern
B617RetchlessConstance Lilian8207 February 2012Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn18 Limes Avenue Elm24 February 2012A211Southern
B618NelsonJosephine Mary8221 February 2012Terrington Ldge Lynn Rd Terr St ClementT’ton Lodge Terrington St Clement14 April 2012A271Northern
B619PalmerJames Frederick7926 December 2011Gables NH Gates Rd Eastrea1c Norwood Road March01 June 2012B27Northern
B620HellonJean Pauline8724 May 2012Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn“Cranleigh” Begdale Road Elm22 June 2012111G of R
B621SearleChristopher Joseph6428 June 2012Bridge House 44 High Road ElmBridge House 44 High Road Elm11 July 2012A213BBNorthern
B622VealSusan5523 May 2012Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn1 Roseberry Road Elm19 July 2012102G of R
B623NichollsBernard William Robert7407 August 2012Victoria Hosp Hayfield Rd KirkcaldyAllot Co. 155 Friday Bridge Rd Elm17 August 2012A201SESouthern
B624GreenWilliam Herbert7116 March 2011Carlton Court Hosp LowestoftCarlton Ct Hosp Lowestoft30 September 201221G of R
B625KeightleyChristine9109 August 2012Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm22 August 2012A210SESouthern
B626SewellAnnie Louisa9610 August 2012Mond Villa Low Road ElmMond Villa Low Rd Elm03 September 2012B209Southern
B627ScottMary Louise5725 August 2012Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnWoodlands Redmoor Bank Elm07 September 2012B267Southern
B628StoppardMargaret8322 June 2012Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn12 Orchard Close Elm09 October 201246G of R
B629ReubenJoy Marina7715 October 2012Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn20 Eighth Avenue Wisbech30 October 2012A301Northern
B630BatesMary Evelyn8716 November 2012Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm26 November 2012A212SESouthern
B631SargentMarion Edith8426 November 2012Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnQueen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn11 December 2012A304Northern
B632BroughtonFlorence Mary9025 September 2012Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn25 Church Road Friday Bridge13 January 2013109G of R
B633TeaLillian Vera8227 December 2012Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnBungalow  Colletts Bdge Lane Elm14 January 2013A215CCNorthern
B634SmalleyTony Edward7529 January 2013Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn6 Fen Way Elm13 February 2013B277Southern
B635RowlettPatricia Melinda7420 February 2013City Hospital Peterborough255 Ramnoth Rd Wisbech01 March 2013B208Southern
B636HammondBrian Victor7314 January 2013Strathmore House Friday Bridge Rd ElmStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm01 March 2013A270Northern
B637SmithAudrey Olive7928 March 2013North Cambs Hosp Wisbech1 Barnards Cot Well End FB15 April 2013A250Northern
B638YoungRonald Arthur8129 March 2013Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnRose Lodge Walton Rd Wisbech26 April 2013A234Northern
B639NealeMiriam8918 April 2013Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnStrathmore House FBridge Rd Elm26 April 2013C284/5Southern
B640CrawfordDennis William8211 May 2013Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn4 Queens Drive Friday Bridge25 June 201378G of R
B641HunterMargaret Eileen8921 April 2013Chestnuts RH 169 Norwich Rd Wisbech38 Elm High Road Wisbech28 June 201348G of R
B642ClarkeJune8010 April 2013Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnHolly House Low Road Elm28 June 2013143G of R
B643SmithCharles6505 June 2013Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn25 June 2013B323Northern
B644WhiteVictor7724 March 2013Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn119 Malt Drive South Brink Wisbech12 July 2013105G of R
B645HolmesAlison7225 June 2013B Tweenus Chapel Lane ElmB Tweenus Chapel Lane Elm02 August 2013104G of R
B646LoveridgeEthel Irene8514 July 201316 Newbridge Lane Wisbech16 Newbridge Lane Wisbech09 August 2013C275/6Southern
B647CrawfordEric7903 September 2013Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings LynnDove Ct Kirkgate St Wisbech13 September 2013A222Northern
B648PhillipsKenneth Albert7413 September 2013North Cambs Hosp Wisbech3 Reed Way Friday Bridge25 September 2013A209ASESouthern
B649CotterellMalcolm8123 October 2013Queen Elizabeth Hosp Kings Lynn344 Low Road Elm09 December 2013132G of R